I buy, I really buy, Yamaha R3 riding experience: small car, good life

Today’s topic is about locomotives and me. Three years ago, I got my E driver’s license. I didn’t really love scooters for the first time. I just pursued some different experiences.

My first locomotive was the HONDA CM300 that I ordered for half a year. It is a single-cylinder, retro, and lingers in coffee shops. After a year, the mileage has only barely reached 600 kilometers. The CM300 is the kind of cruiser that is very handsome, but does not arouse the desire to drive.

After disposing of the CM300, I was not in a hurry to find the next target, and even thought that maybe the locomotive was not suitable for me.

Until a casual party a few days ago, I rode the R3 of Miss Sister, and I seemed to find a little passion again. It’s like planting a seed in the brain and being watered madly by big data.

After just one week, I picked up a 23-model YAMAHA R3 from the Yamaha flagship store in the city.

4 hours after the payment, when Carola Lala took my locomotive from Linshi to me, I was as happy as a child with a new toy. For a 30-year-old me, it was already a luxury. heartbroken.

Simply memorize the parameters of YAMAHA R3, 321cc twin-cylinder engine, curb weight 171kg, inverted front fork, ABS anti-lock braking system. 780cm sitting height.

As the preferred entry-level model, due to its positioning as a lightweight player, it is often possible to meet the young lady and the knight. Of course, many hardcore knights also used them to take part in track activities.

The annual YAMAHA R3 CUP is open to R3 owners, which may be the most accessible professional motorcycle event for ordinary riders.

Next, from the perspective of a novice player, let’s see what this entry-level imitation game has brought me.

Before buying the R3, I had no concept of motorcycle racing, nor did I have any experience riding imitation racing bikes.

After a simple ride, I found that the riding posture I didn’t pay attention to was completely wrong, such as the position of the grip, the fingering of the brakes, the position of the feet, the incorrect riding posture greatly affects the entry and exit of the bay. The route can make me lose my sense of security in an instant, but it also makes me fascinated by this kind of challenge.

Then it is to continue to learn, try to understand the riding triangle, and explore the riding posture that suits you, as if every pressure is a challenge to yourself, through continuous summarization and correction.

The difference between a motorcycle and a car is that it doesn’t give you much sense of security until you fail to master it. Every tiny mistake will make me aware of the danger.

And the relatively pure mechanical structure can always stir my nerves more keenly. For me, it seems to be taming a beast.

After chasing the wind again and again, when I stopped, I always felt the slight tingling of the cold wind blowing through my body, and the hot sweat oozing from my body. I will be tired, as if I have just experienced a light exercise. At this time, my excited brain and slightly swollen muscles make me addicted to this kind of pursuit.

Actually, I’m not sure if I love motorcycles. Just like a love affair, I am experiencing the freshness brought by mechanical art, enjoying the pleasure brought by the adrenaline stimulating the cerebral cortex every time I press the bay.

A locomotive can be a unique journey and is regarded by more people as an attitude to life. But imitation racing made me addicted to chasing the wind.