Hubei tax and payment platform “Chu Shui Tong” launched 131 frequently used items to be handled in the palm of your hand

On October 28, the Hubei Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation issued a notice saying that after more than a year of trial operation, the new-generation Hubei taxation mobile tax payment platform created by the bureau – “Chu Shuitong” APP was launched and put into operation in the whole province. Enterprise taxpayers, individual industrial and commercial households, and natural persons can use “Chu Tax Pass” to handle 131 common items.

In recent years, through the development and application of the electronic tax bureau, the Hubei tax department has actively guided taxpayers and payers to conduct online declaration, online payment and other tax services through the electronic tax bureau, which has greatly facilitated taxpayers and payers through “contactless” methods. Handle tax matters. In order to better meet the needs of taxpayers and payers to handle tax and fee services, the “Chu Tax Link” based on the relevant functions of Hubei Electronic Taxation Bureau will be put into trial operation in the province from June 1, 2021. Since the trial operation for more than a year, the total number of registered taxpayers and payers “Chu Tax Link” has exceeded 11 million, the maximum monthly business volume exceeds 15 million, the maximum daily registration volume reaches 700,000, and the maximum daily business volume reaches 600,000. , the system operates stably as a whole, and taxpayers and payers have responded well. It has become one of the main channels for tax payment services, effectively reducing the tax payment burden on taxpayers and payers, and effectively promoting the province’s tax and business environment. Continuous optimization.

Building the “Chu Tax Link” mobile tax payment platform is an important part of implementing the “Opinions on Further Deepening the Reform of Tax Collection and Management” issued by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council to promote the construction of smart taxation. An effective way to enhance the sense of gain of taxpayers and payers is a pragmatic measure taken by tax authorities to help the development of the digital economy and serve the modernization of national governance. The optimized and upgraded “Chu Tax Pass” has more complete functions, more stable operation, more friendly experience and safer system. There are 6 main features:

The page layout is more reasonable. Drawing on the advanced concepts of mobile APP design, the overall interface design is improved and re-optimized. A new flattened operation interface has been added to display personalized functions for different types of taxpayers and payers. The page layout is more flexible, and the use efficiency of the main page is effectively improved.

Signing up and logging in is even easier. Add biometric login methods such as fingerprint recognition and face recognition to realize password-free login with Alipay and WeChat, meeting the needs of the elderly who have few system logins and are unfamiliar with mobile phone operations.

The system functions are more complete. Enterprise taxpayers, individual industrial and commercial households, and natural persons can use “Chu Shui Tong” to handle 131 commonly used matters, which can be done, asked, checked, seen, heard, and made appointments. For example, you can handle the issuance of VAT electronic ordinary invoices, the issuance of electronic housing lease invoices, the receipt of invoices, the payment of social insurance and medical insurance for natural persons, the declaration of VAT and additional taxes for small-scale taxpayers, the issuance of tax payment certificates, and the issuance of tax-free certificates. For other businesses, you can inquire about information such as annual tax bills, declarations and payments, tax credit, etc., you can make appointments for tax payments, and conduct intelligent consultation.

Business management is more intelligent. Intelligent voice recognition, you can view or handle related matters by speaking your needs (supporting dialects in some areas of the province). Data is intelligently matched, tax information is collected, and tax-related business is restored in a scenario-based manner, and the same data will not be submitted repeatedly. Intelligent data filling, intelligent analysis and automatic classification of invoices, financial statements, social security and medical insurance and other data, realizing intelligent filling of declaration data without repeated filling. Intelligent push of policies, customized analysis of the attributes and characteristics of different taxpayers and payers, intelligent screening and labeling into books, and push policies that benefit and benefit enterprises by industry and category.

User experience is more friendly. According to the eight categories of comprehensive, invoice, declaration, tax refund (credit), certificate, inquiry, interaction, public service, etc., the function menu of “Chu Tax Pass” is re-divided, so that taxpayers and payers can accurately and quickly find what they need. function. At the same time, the functions frequently used by taxpayers and payers are directly displayed on the home page, and to-do items are automatically generated according to business processes, which can become a handheld assistant for taxpayers and payers.

System operation is more secure. The national secret algorithm, face recognition authentication, two-factor login authentication and other technologies are used to ensure the security of taxpayer and payer data.