Huawei’s smart screen family adds a new product that is both a TV and a game console

The current TV market is ushering in the trend of consumption upgrading. People want to enjoy a better life by buying higher quality products. Taking advantage of Double 11, getting a higher-quality TV is a good way to enhance the entertainment experience at home. The picture quality and sound quality are excellent, and the Huawei smart screen with unique Hongmeng entertainment capabilities and smart interactive experience is an excellent choice!

Huawei’s new smart screen Vision Smart Screen Z e-sports version, Huawei’s first 8-core gaming TV, offers a discount of up to 3,000 yuan on purchases. At 20:00 on October 31st, the JD Little Rubik’s Cube will open for grabs. Go to Huawei’s self-operated official flagship store to buy it now!

If you like chasing dramas, watching movies, and want to enjoy flagship audio and video, then start with Huawei Smart Screen V Pro! It is equipped with a new generation of picture quality technology Honghu SuperMiniLED computing picture quality, and HUAWEI SOUND computing audio, bringing the industry-leading audio and picture quality experience. Huawei’s self-developed advanced Honghu SuperMiniLED precision backlight fully stimulates the advantages of SuperMiniLED, and supports up to 1000nit HDR peak brightness, brighter brighter, darker darker, enabling colorful things, rich dynamic picture details, and ever-changing light and shadow On the screen, it truly restores the director’s intention. It also has a unique Honghu computing image quality technology, which restores low-resolution old movies and TV series to near 4K resolution, making SDR content more intense, richer, and smoother in color transition.

If your home is large, or you want to enjoy a larger screen, you can also choose Huawei Smart Screen S86 Pro. It supports AG anti-glare technology, which is not afraid of light and sunlight, and the viewing is clear and does not hurt the eyes. In the afternoon of the holiday, make a pot of tea and enjoy the shock of watching movies on the big screen on the sofa, without worrying about the bright sunlight causing dazzling reflections on your TV screen.

If you like to play console games, or want the whole family to enjoy the joy of games, then choose Huawei’s first gaming screen – Huawei Vision Smart Screen Z Gaming Edition! Compared with traditional game TVs, it has better performance in terms of performance configuration, standard peripherals, sound quality and picture quality, and game ecology. It is equipped with an 8-core smart engine, super large 6GB+64GB memory, super configuration, and smooth games without lag. In addition, it is also equipped with Honghu to calculate the picture quality, and the game picture quality is enhanced, whether it is a game or a movie, it is clearly visible. HUAWEI SOUND and Devialet jointly designed a smart audio system with a 6-unit three-way high-end audio design.

Huawei Vision Smart Screen Z e-sports version not only supports console games, but also is equipped with Huawei Game Center, which is a game smart screen that the whole family can play. For example, it supports AI somatosensory games, frees hands, and enjoys parent-child time. Gamepad games paired with Huawei Beitong smart gamepad can enjoy 8ms ultra-low latency gaming experience. It can also support one-key wake-up smart screen games and family tours for two. The remote control game mainly focuses on family entertainment, parent-child game products, light leisure companion entertainment, simple and interesting.

On the latest Huawei Vision Smart Screen 75/86 products, you can also experience entertainment such as home theater, home fitness, home karaoke, and home games. For example, it is linked with Huawei Smart Microphone, plug-and-play, one-click to start karaoke, one-click voice song ordering and mobile phone synchronization to order songs, bringing an immersive karaoke experience comparable to professional KTV. At the end of the National Day dinner, the whole family sings K, it must be very happy.

Huawei Vision Smart Screen 86 is also equipped with the new HarmonyOS 3 operating system, bringing users a new super desktop function, making it a reality to play mobile phones with TV. Open the HarmonyOS 3 Hongmeng Super Desktop of Huawei Vision Smart Screen 86, you will find that you can find all the apps on your phone on it, and you can play these apps through the smart screen. For example, is it super enjoyable to play the “Honor of Kings” mobile game on its big screen? Or open Douyin on the big screen and play with your child to prevent his vision problems caused by facing the phone screen for a long time.

Many consumers have also reported that Huawei Vision smart screen not only looks high-end and elegant, but also has good value for money, and the after-sales service is also satisfactory. It matches well with the decoration of your own house, creating the feeling of a private home theater in minutes, which is very popular among consumers.

If the purchase budget is not too high, you can choose Huawei Smart Screen SE series. It has a higher quality-price ratio, a more comfortable and immersive large-screen viewing experience, and also supports HDMI ALLM automatic low-latency mode, allowing game enthusiasts to experience console games more smoothly.

Overall, Huawei’s smart screen family has excellent audio and video, as well as many innovative functions and innovative experiences blessed by HarmonyOS. It is an entertainment super terminal for the whole family! In particular, the latest Huawei Vision Smart Screen Z e-sports version is worth buying by gamers. Taking advantage of the first sale discount, you can get it at 6,999 yuan, so let’s hurry up!