Huawei’s sales revenue in the first three quarters was 445.8 billion yuan? How should we evaluate Huawei’s performance?

Although Huawei has not been a listed company in recent years, Huawei’s financial report has always attracted the attention of the market. Many people are asking what should we think of Huawei’s performance? How should we analyze Huawei’s financial report? Has Huawei shaken off the effects of previous adverse events?

1. Huawei’s previous sales revenue was 445.8 billion yuan?

According to a report from China Business News, Huawei released its operating results for the first three quarters of 2022 on its official website. In the first three quarters, the company achieved sales revenue of 445.8 billion yuan, and its main business profit margin was 6.1%. In the same period last year, the company achieved sales revenue of 455.8 billion yuan in the first three quarters, with a net profit margin of 10.2%.

Xu Zhijun, Huawei’s Rotating Chairman, said: “The overall operating results are in line with expectations. The downward trend of the terminal business continues to slow down, and the ICT infrastructure business maintains a steady growth. Huawei will continue to attract outstanding talents, continue to invest in R&D, and continuously improve product competitiveness to serve customers. , to create value for the society.”

Huawei did not elaborate further on the operation of each business segment. In the latest public speech, Wang Tao, Huawei’s executive director and director of the ICT Infrastructure Business Management Committee, said that 5.5G has made three key progresses, and advocated that the industry should work together in five aspects: standards, spectrum, industry chain, ecology and applications. be ready.

At present, Huawei is working with the industry to promote 5.5G technology, covering both fixed and wireless fields.

Compared with Huawei’s past performance, on the whole, the rhythm of the sharp decline in sales revenue has stopped. The reason may be that, as Xu Zhijun, Huawei’s rotating chairman, said, the downward trend of the terminal business has continued to slow down.

Looking back at the first half of 2022, Huawei achieved sales revenue of 301.6 billion yuan and a net profit margin of 5%. Among them, the terminal business revenue declined the most. In the first half of the year, the terminal business revenue was 101.3 billion yuan, down 25.3% year-on-year.

2. How do we see the future of Huawei?

We saw that Huawei’s third quarterly report is coming, which has attracted widespread attention. So how should we view the current overall performance of Huawei?

First of all, from the perspective of the entire market, Huawei’s current performance is actually quite good. The sharp decline in overall sales revenue has been greatly eased. In fact, the downward trend of terminal business has slowed down. Therefore, in the Under such circumstances, Huawei’s overall report card, including sales revenue, is actually quite good, so we can say that for the current Huawei, the overall improvement is relatively obvious, and Huawei has begun to achieve a comparison of the downward trend. Effective containment, so for the current Huawei, it is actually quite difficult to have such a performance.

Secondly, let’s take a closer look at Huawei’s period of time. In fact, it has been working very hard to launch its own mobile phone products. Although affected by some external factors, the market influence of Huawei’s own products has actually been impacted to a certain extent. In addition, due to the overall impact of some shortages of raw materials, Huawei’s market competitiveness may not be fully restored. This is a relatively normal situation. However, we have seen that Huawei’s overall terminal products are very good, including the just-released Matt series products, the world’s first mass smartphone that supports Beidou satellite news, which has actually given Huawei a good market competition. In the future, with the gradual replenishment of China’s domestic raw materials and accessories, Huawei may re-enter the state of comparative advantage competition in the market, which may be a very worthy of attention for Huawei.

Third, from the perspective of long-term market development, the current Huawei. In fact, it has gradually found its own development direction in the process of diversified market development. We have also observed that Huawei’s overall mobile phones, including its automotive products, actually have a good growth, while Huawei’s operator business and enterprise The market development of the business itself is also relatively good, so we can say that for the current Huawei, it has stepped out of the lowest stage of its greatest pressure. From the perspective of long-term market development, the current Huawei will actually have A better level of development, we are very worthy of our expectations for Huawei’s own performance.