Huawei’s first duty-free store debuts in Hainan

On October 28, Huawei’s first duty-free store opened in Hainan, bringing consumers a new travel and shopping experience. Haikou International Duty Free City Huawei Duty Free Store not only has a new image and a full range of products, but also offers test-drive activities on the beautiful coastline of Haikou, bringing consumers a comfortable and convenient shopping experience. Are you excited about this? Come and visit the store together!

Yuexiang Store

Huawei’s first duty-free store

The authorized Huawei store is located in Haikou International Duty Free City, the world’s largest single duty-free store. As a new “brand landmark”, Haikou International Duty Free City Huawei authorized store not only has a complete range of new products, but also is the only store in the business district with cars, which can meet consumers’ one-stop travel shopping and coastal test drive needs.


As Huawei’s first duty-free store, the store adopts a minimalist, transparent, technological, and innovative design language, which meets the image standards of a smart living hall.

In the retail format, a minimalist color system is boldly used. The nearly 40-meter-long fan-shaped façade uses beige terrazzo and curved ultra-white glass to present the cars in the sales space and product scenes such as “1+8+N”. in front of the customer.

The Internet of Everything experience brought by Huawei’s “full product” and “full scene” services will also create a broader experience space, and the more aesthetic store design will also realize the all-round integration of sales, experience and smart activities.

Enjoy the experience

Travel, trendy technology items

One-stop experience complete

As the first two-in-one duty-free store in Hainan that covers 3C digital and automobiles, the store has three major advantages: covering a wide range of industries, a full range of products, and a large number of goods.

The space in the store is clear. On the left is an exhibition of themes related to smart travel, including cars, car accessories, cars and smart products, and negotiation areas, creating an interactive car buying experience for customers. A large LED screen is set up on the center wall of the entire space to introduce products. , to bring rich experiences and feelings to consumers. In terms of product display, the store has created a display structure that is more suitable for the characteristics of the products, and cleverly arranged the products to show customers in an all-round way. Customers can feel the convenience and surprise brought by the interconnection of Huawei products.

Flagship products such as Huawei Mate50 series, Mate Xs2, Watch GT3 Pro ceramic watch, etc. can be purchased here first!

It is worth mentioning that the AITO M5 EV, the first pure electric vehicle equipped with HarmonyOS 3 powered by Huawei, which was released last month, was also unveiled as the only car brand in the duty-free city. The AITO M5 EV has more Natural human-vehicle interaction experience, richer digital content resources, and more convenient cross-device connection and control capabilities. The new super desktop function allows the mobile phone head application to seamlessly go directly to the car machine, ecological integration and sharing, and brings a richer application service experience.

In addition, AITO M5 EV is developed in accordance with the industry’s high safety standards. At the same time, with the blessing of 21 active and passive safety configurations and HarmonyOS safety capabilities, it fully protects users’ driving and privacy safety. Come and experience it!

Enjoy activities

Immersive full scene one-stop experience

As Huawei’s first duty-free store, the store not only integrates technology product experience and design aesthetics, but also arranges Haikou coastline test drives, punch cards and other special activities for consumers, and provides 150 member points for every purchase of 1,300 yuan during the opening period. (Some products do not participate), and gift surprises such as Huawei Mate50, Watch GT3 Pro ceramic watch, etc. when booking a car, so that consumers who come to the store can enjoy the comfortable experience of travel and shopping.

Designing future life with wisdom and building the Internet of Everything with technology, I believe that Huawei Smart Living Pavilion will bring consumers a better service experience and deeper emotional resonance. At the same time, the store also has an enthusiastic and professional service team, dedicated to building a “one-stop shopping mall”, opening a new experience of island technology and trendy travel shopping for consumers.

Huawei’s first duty-free store not only reflects the iteration of products and technology, but also focuses on customers, creating a comfortable and convenient travel and shopping place for consumers, and providing consumers with a platform for the exchange of smart technology.

The opening of Huawei’s first duty-free store in the country with Haikou International Duty Free City also means that Huawei has opened a new chapter in the brand’s entry into the travel retail field.

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