Huaihua’s first batch of new coronavirus-infected pneumonia patients cured and discharged from hospital

Huaihua News Network News At 1:00 a.m. on October 29, the first batch of new coronary pneumonia patients in Huaihua, Yang Moumou, Xiang Moumou, Zhang Moumou and Li Moumou, were in the designated treatment hospital for new coronary pneumonia – the city’s first. People’s Hospital was cured and discharged.

It is understood that 47-year-old Yang Moumou, 61-year-old Xiang Moumou, 56-year-old Zhang Moumou and 52-year-old Li Moumou are confirmed cases with positive nucleic acid test at the isolation observation point, and they will be transferred to the designated hospital in a closed loop as soon as possible. isolation treatment.

After being admitted to the hospital, experts from the medical treatment team of the First People’s Hospital of the City implemented two consultations a day, one person, one person. Through symptomatic support, traditional Chinese medicine decoction and psychological counseling, the patient recovered. After being evaluated by provincial and municipal experts, the discharge standard of the ninth edition of the guidelines was met. After discharge, the patient was transferred to an isolated hotel for 7-day health monitoring. (Reporter Yang Yujie Tan Shiguang Yang Ji)