How white is Jun Ji Hyun’s olive skin?

The way the entertainment industry collapses is really strange, Zhang Yuanying’s melon must be surprised and speechless…

To say that there are not a few Korean artists of Chinese descent, such as the well-known goddess – Jun Ji-hyun.

But it is also a Korean who does not admit that he is an overseas Chinese. Why is one of them being spit on the hot search, and the other is the national goddess in everyone’s heart ?

It is said that although Quan Zhixian’s father is Chinese, he abandoned his wife and children in his early years. Quan Zhixian was raised by his mother alone, so he changed his mother’s surname.

From this, in the absence of enjoying the dividend of dual nationality, it is understandable that Jun Zhixian refused to admit his father’s blood because of this past .

Comparing the two’s physical appearance and body proportions, Ou Hua felt that maybe it was a genetic talent . As a national goddess jointly certified by China and South Korea, Jun Zhixian has a perfect face.

However, Ou Hua reviewed the goddess’s “Star You” when she was chatting with her friends and found that Jun Ji-hyun is different from the white base makeup like a reflector that South Korea likes now, and has always been a natural style .

Take an inventory of the goddess’s shape, her skin tone is natural but faintly green , her hair color is mostly dark brown , and her makeup is mostly Morandi color. She usually wears dark colors and low saturation .

Coupled with the bright pink lip makeup of Xingyou, which is full of fluorescence, various factors show that the goddess is actually an olive skin !

This lower district flower had to crook the floor and talk to everyone.

No, the weather has cooled down a lot recently, and the gloomy weather has caused some sisters to find themselves dark and haggard outdoors ! what happened! It was still very white when the sun was shining before!

This is the concept of skin color that Ou Hua wants to tell you. I don’t know if there are any sisters looking at the four seasons 12 type color analysis on the Internet and looking at the clouds and fog.

Ou Hua has the previous notes here. You can continue to study it, but today we will talk about olive skin .

what is olive skin

Ou Hua’s sister once described her skin color in this way.

So Ou Hualai summed up for the sisters, do you have such doubts in your daily life:

1. It glows white in bright weather outside , but becomes dull as soon as you enter the room .

2. The bright orange mac chili of the previous fire was very disastrous to use.

3. When you don’t have makeup, your skin turns yellow and green , and it looks not only bad but also haggard as if you’ve stayed up all night.

If the sisters have the same confusion as the above, and basically they are all right, then you may be an olive skin !

Many sisters easily divide skin color into white skin and yellow skin. But it’s not that simple.

Although the base color of most Asians’ skin is yellow, there are many kinds of skin tones, yellow + cool tones , and green, the skin color will be faintly green , which is now commonly referred to as olive skin .

Therefore, Ou Hua will sum up for you, it is neither cool white nor warm yellow, but the yellow with green in it is olive skin.

It can be said that the olive skin is a kind of cold yellow skin . But sisters should pay attention to the fact that the cold here is not the cold of the cold tone. The cold on the general color card often refers to pink , and the warm tone is closer to yellow and orange.

So cool yellow skin is a skin tone that is greenish on the basis of yellow tones, between neutral and warm.

In addition, there are warm olives and cold olives .

The difference lies in whether the yellow tone is obvious or the green tone is obvious. It can be understood that olive is an undertone , that is, the undertone of skin tone .

In addition, there is a difference in brightness . Those with high brightness appear white and those with low brightness appear dull, so whether it is cold or warm olives, there must be a difference between fairness and dullness. Sisters, you must understand this concept.

Matching color recommendation

On the basis of distinguishing olive skins, warm olives and cold olives are also suitable for different colors. There will be nuances specific to each individual.

In general, it still depends on the harmony of the entire face color , cold-cold , warm-warm . Cold olives use cool colors, such as purple and blue, which are ok.

But some sisters are very puzzled, thinking that they are obviously warm olives , but they look better in cold olives .

This is because warm olives are also divided into low-saturation warm olives and high-saturation warm olives . The color area flowers that they should use have been summarized:

Low-saturated warm olives: low-saturated warm colors/high-saturated cool colors , such as royal blue, rose red, and apricot;

High-saturation warm olive: high-saturation warm color / low-saturation cool color , which can be infinitely close to the color matching ideas of yellow skin.

Base makeup color recommendation

Skin color is made up of different ratios of red , yellow and blue , and the color numbers of different products are ever-changing, and it is really difficult to pick a really suitable one.

Therefore, Ou Hua provides you with a new idea. When choosing a foundation color, it is better to think about the final demand first .

Whether you want it to be perfectly consistent and natural to your skin tone, or whether you want your skin tone to look even and clean .

If it is the former, then there are already many base makeup products suitable for olive skin on the market. You can directly choose the famous green-tone foundation : Gangwon-do 213 and the recently released Valentino’s liquid foundation LA02 are very suitable.

Or sisters can buy base makeup products of the corresponding color to color by themselves, and use yellow-toned liquid foundation + green isolation to make the color more suitable for the face.

But be careful not to choose powder-toned , powder-toned liquid foundation is used on the skin of green base, no matter how you adjust it, it will turn gray .

In terms of products, Ouhua recommends that you try la girl’s green concealer , which is cheap and big, with high color saturation. Just a little bit can achieve the effect, but pay attention to the dosage, too much can easily become a Hulk.

If it is the latter, there are many sisters who said that after the face is oily and dull , it is darker than the body. So in fact, choosing a neutral color with suitable brightness and saturation can actually unify the skin tone to the greatest extent, and improve the complexion and spirit of the olive skin.

Speaking of which, Ou Hua will give you a popular science on the meaning of the letters of the liquid foundation color prefixes. Ou Hua found a very comprehensive picture for you.

You can remember the most common letters~ C stands for cool tone, W stands for warm tone; N stands for neutral color; O stands for olive (greenish).

When choosing colors, sisters can use the exclusion method to choose according to this idea: not too pink, not too red, not too orange.

For the specific operation steps, Ou Hua will give an example: first find the official color card, exclude the pink color number, and then find a natural light test color to exclude the orange color.

In the end, I choose the most suitable color number considering my skin color and the oxidation of the liquid foundation itself . You can see the color finally selected. No. 2 is more suitable in comparison.

@crazy shushu

Therefore, if olive skin wants to improve the makeup, it can improve the color of its base makeup by one level, that is, from green to neutral (yellow).

However, it should be noted here that the maximum color crossing limit will end here. If you cross from green to pink, then the fake face is inevitable.

Not only that, many sisters will also have skin redness, melanin deposition, acne, acne marks and other problems. This kind of problem will turn into green + red = black on the background color of the green olive skin.

Redness and melanin, as overtones , are superimposed on the skin’s base color . Before applying the foundation of the entire face, for this situation, local color correction should be carried out first .

Just like the more popular color concealer before, it is the same as the isolation before color makeup. You can use green makeup to neutralize redness before makeup , so that the color of the subsequent makeup will be more uniform.

Regarding color concealer products, in addition to the green concealer of la girl mentioned above, you can also choose a variety of colors like nyx , which are more versatile.

Ou Hua has complained to everyone about this product before, but this color matching idea is still worth learning from. As for the product, you can collect similar forms of substitutes~


Makeup color choices

Regarding eye shadows, cold olives can choose matte or faint glossy pure cool color matching , the color can be gray, gray pink, and definitely not orange.

Ou Hua has found a few good eyeshadow palettes for everyone . Sisters of Leng Lan can try:

And warm olives still have to keep this color formula in mind:

Low-saturated warm olives: low-saturated warm colors/high-saturated cool colors;

High saturation warm olives: high saturation warm colors / low saturation cool colors

But it is estimated that many sisters will be entangled, so Ou Hua directly recommends a few safe colors here, high-saturation pink, peach, warm purple, and apricot are all acceptable.

Before distinguishing whether it is olive skin or not, everyone will think of chili and ruby ​​woo. But in fact, it is really easy to show soil when cold olive skins are coated with chili, but for warm olives, it is a flawless color.

And ruby ​​woo is very easy for cold olives to create a sense of atmosphere of cold beauty , but when it comes to the mouth of warm olives, it is too exaggerated, and it seems that the mouth is about to fly out.

Therefore , Ouhua also has some different opinions on the choice of olive skin in lipstick .

Regarding lipsticks, cold olives can try dry rose, fuchsia or clear plum and berry colors, which can well highlight the core features of cold olives with high contrast , and directly fill the color atmosphere.

Warm olives can choose some milk tea colors, earth colors, chestnut colors, and pink bean paste colors that can be easily controlled. Warm olives have a high yellowness in skin tone , and these colors can be well integrated into the skin tone, making the overall makeup natural and harmonious.

Even if you don’t care about being black and want to challenge an orange, you will look very healthy and energetic .

A small summary of the knowledge points of the district flower:

1. After confirming that you are olive skin, you must first determine whether you are a cold olive or a warm olive. The difference is whether the skin color is more greenish or more yellowish .

2. When olive skin chooses a liquid foundation that suits you, avoid using liquid foundations with pink tones and orange tones .

3. In terms of makeup, high-saturation warm olives can refer to the makeup ideas of yellow skin, and in the overall selection, you can choose according to cold-cool tones , warm-warm tones . Low-saturation warm olives are suitable for shades of cool olives in certain products, such as smoky pinks.