How to wear temperament in autumn and winter? Try these basic items, look thin and not picky

​The weather is getting colder day by day, and our clothes are getting thicker and thicker. All kinds of knitted sweaters, windbreakers, and coats are very common fashion items. They are simple, atmospheric and warm. In the south, there are still many girls who choose to wear them. Go out with a skirt and a slightly lighter knitted sweater, which is both foreign and thin and warm.

Let’s take a look at how fashion bloggers wear simple and everyday basic items with a sense of fashion and luxury. The color, style and collocation of clothing have a crucial impact on the expression of the overall temperament.

Let’s talk about color first. The feeling of autumn and winter is particularly bleak and dull. Therefore, choosing some elements with high brightness and saturation for embellishment can make the overall shape look more high-profile and eye-catching, and easily bring out our sense of fashion and vitality.

For example, red is also a very common color in autumn and winter. It is bright and high-key, and it is enthusiastic, but it is also possible to avoid colors such as red as much as possible. You can choose dark red, brick red and wine red with a relatively dark tone. Red is more stable and restrained, and it is relatively easy to control.

You can simply choose a round-neck knitted cardigan, which is light and comfortable. If you wear it alone, it will be more simple and daily. When the weather is colder, we can also choose to match it with some slim bottoming shirts to make a stack The effect of wearing is not only layered, but also very practical.

This red sweater on the blogger is a very simple and low-key basic item. The color is dark red, stable and introverted, simple, atmospheric and stylish, showing white and vitality.

The material of wool is soft and breathable, and has advantages in terms of elasticity and breathability. It is not only more comfortable for the upper body, but also warm and thin, without being bulky at all.

If you have a yellowish skin tone like me, stay up too late and are prone to dullness, red items are very challenging, you might as well try grape purple, which is more restrained and stable, mysterious and advanced in temperament, but Compared with red, it is better to control, and it can also show the dignified and elegant side of women.

Recently, there are basically more windbreakers when going out, but everyone’s perception of temperature is different. Many people in the office are wearing woolen coats, and some people even prepared down jackets early.

But in fact, as a native of the South, I prefer woolen coats, which are warm enough to keep out the cold, not fat, and have enough foreign style. Like autumn and winter, it is more common to choose khaki, camel and caramel colors, as well as gray , the oatmeal color is also very simple and versatile.

Compared with khaki and camel, which are very common colors, dark gray is also a color that is worth learning from. It is Japanese and advanced, and it is not picky about skin color. It is a typical neutral color, so it can be combined with various colors. There will be no strong sense of disobedience and more inclusiveness.

The classic and neat lapel design forms a V-neck immediate sense of sight, elongates the neck line, and visually looks thinner and more foreign. After the monk’s straight version design, the line feels smooth, neatly covers the flesh and looks thin and good. control.

In addition, the length can just exceed the knee position, and can cover the calf, relatively speaking, it will be more concise and neat, and the upper body will be neat and tidy. Don’t push yourself.

The woolen material is warm and thick, and it is crisp and stylish, which can bring out our good spirit. In autumn and winter, it is enough to match various knitted sweaters and skirts.

In autumn and winter, all kinds of good-looking and textured clothes are really dazzling. Try to choose some basic earth colors, such as black and white gray coffee, and the style should be as simple and thin as possible, so that the upper body does not appear fat, If you are worried about being too monotonous and old-fashioned, appropriate use of bright color items to embellish a small area will allow you to spend a whole autumn and winter beautifully.

Such as bottoming shirts, coats, knitted sweaters, these are more common autumn and winter items, choose high-quality items that suit your skin color, basically you can’t go wrong, versatile and fashionable, Western style and versatile.

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