How to use technology to create explosive skin care products?

Source of this article: Times Finance Author: Luo Tao

With the development of China’s economy, the Chinese people’s demand for beauty is getting higher and higher, and the market size of the cosmetics industry is also showing a growing trend.

According to statistics from Euromonitor, a third-party information consulting company, the market size of my country’s cosmetics industry will exceed 587.9 billion yuan in 2021. It is expected that the market size will reach 907.608 billion yuan in 2025, and the compound annual growth rate from 2021 to 2025 will be 11.47%.

With the increase in scale, the way consumers perceive skin care products is also changing. In the past, consumers may have learned about products through mass advertising channels, and ultimately formed a purchase. Today, consumers are becoming smarter and more knowledgeable about the technology and ingredients of products. Behind this change, skin care products need to have stronger efficacy in order to become a popular product in the market competition.

Nature Hall Insights Behind the Growing Anti-Aging Demand

Times Finance noticed that consumers’ demand for anti-aging is getting younger and younger, and many 18-year-old consumers have begun to pay attention to how to fight against age. According to CBNData survey data, among women in first- and second-tier cities, 94% of Gen Z will do their homework to understand the products before purchasing skin care products. Among them, product efficacy, product safety and whether the product is suitable for them are the top three most concerned about. question.

China’s leading cosmetics company, Jialan Group, also has insight into the changes and needs of consumers. This year’s Double 11, the brand of Jialan Group, for the first time, has created a natural hall for VVIP members to enjoy the beauty box. Old members can not only experience 7 natural hall popular star products for free, but also from Zheng Chunying, chairman and president of Jialan Group and founder of the natural hall brand. Thanks for the video and handwritten letter, let all true fans truly experience the extravagance from Nature Hall, and repay the support of fans with full sincerity and sparkling results.

In this member’s beauty box, Nature Hall has selected a variety of popular star products: Nature Hall Small Purple Bottle Essence Fifth Generation, Nature Hall Sensitive Scalp Repair Essence, Nature Hall Small Purple Bottle Essence Fresh Infusion Mask, Nature Hall Yeast Ampoule Mask, Natural Hall Men’s Black Truffle Repair Essence, Natural Hall Tea Mud Mask, Natural Hall Men’s Caffeine Essence. Let every member who receives the beautiful box can feel the intimate and customized noble experience of Nature Hall.

(Picture: Nature Hall members enjoy the beauty box)

It is worth mentioning that in this natural beauty box for members, there are a variety of products that use ultra-high yeast Himein: such as natural sensitive scalp repair essence, natural yeast ampoule mask, natural purple bottle Essence Fresh Infusion Mask and Nature Hall Small Purple Bottle Essence Fifth Generation. Ximoin is a core functional ingredient with independent intellectual property rights that has been polished and developed by Jialan Group for 9 years. It is a Chinese ingredient specially introduced and called by Li Jiaqi in the Double Eleven small class. It is also a “milestone” on the road of self-developed raw materials for domestic beauty brands “Breakthrough.

(Picture: Ultra Yeast “Himeine”)

In the handwritten letter of Chairman Zheng Chunying, he mentioned in it: “We specially present a box for members of Nature Hall to enjoy the beauty of a variety of products using our self-developed biotechnology ingredient, Himalayan Ultra-Yeast “Himoine”. , I hope you have a distinguished experience and look forward to your feedback. I hope you will feel warmer every time you meet Zhantang. Zhantang believes that everyone is born with uniqueness in the county, and all our efforts are only to discover and Show off your unique beauty because ‘You are beautiful!'”

(Picture: A member of Nature Hall enjoys the beauty box – a letter from the chairman of Jialan Group)

In fact, since its establishment in Shanghai in 2001, Nature Hall has been committed to the use of cutting-edge technology to protect the development of natural ingredients such as plants, minerals, microorganisms, and glacier water in the Himalayas, bringing stronger efficacy and better quality to hundreds of millions of consumers around the world. High-quality products at reasonable prices to help consumers enjoy nature and a beautiful life. Over the years, thanks to the trust and support of consumers, Natural Hall has been able to continuously expand its market size. In addition to selling in the Chinese market for 21 years, it has also entered the North American, Japanese, and Southeast Asian markets, and is deeply loved by hundreds of millions of consumers around the world.

Data from a number of cosmetic research institutions also show that the products of the Galan Group occupy one of the top positions in the scale of domestic beauty products, showing the market response after in-depth insight into consumers.

Behind the new explosion of Nature Hall: the research and development of super extreme yeast

With consumer insights, how to create popular products?

Nature Hall gave its own answer: after 10 years of persistence, thousands of bacteria, fungi and archaea were collected in the Himalayas, and 558 unique strains were isolated by sequencing the natural environment of the Himalayas, establishing Himalayan characteristics Bacteria library. Due to the heavy accumulation over the years, Jialan discovered the Himalayan yeast strain with unique DNA, and screened out the yeast in extreme environments, and thus successfully developed the super-polar yeast ingredient with strong repairing power and cell regeneration. – Himeme.

It is reported that Ximoin contains 601 identifiable small molecular components, including 18 kinds of amino acids, 8 kinds of minerals, multivitamins and other beneficial ingredients for the skin. The 3D skin model test showed that Ximoin can promote the production of new factors, increase the expression of the new signal factor Ki67 to 5.9 times, significantly promote the proliferation of basal cells, and inhibit skin aging.

At present, Ximoin has been successfully applied to the fifth-generation products of Natural Hall Small Purple Bottle Essence, and it was officially launched in June this year. Under the blessing of Ximoin, the fifth generation of Natural Hall Small Purple Bottle Essence has achieved an advanced level of efficacy from anti-aging essence to cell-level repair and anti-aging, allowing the skin to achieve efficient repair and effective anti-aging.

At the same time, the fifth-generation new product of Nature Hall Small Purple Bottle Essence is also matched with ergothioneine, VC derivatives, Haematococcus pluvialis, astaxanthin and other ingredients, gathering the dual forces of nature and technology to promote a new cell-level anti-aging into the 3.0 era , which fully meets the needs of consumers for cosmetic ingredients, efficacy and cost-effectiveness, and is deeply loved by consumers.

(Picture: The fifth generation of Nature Hall’s small purple bottle is newly launched)

Biotechnology leads product innovation

As a digital-driven biotechnology beauty company, Galan Group has been making continuous progress on the road of product research and development.

Over the past 20 years, Jialan Group has taken technology as the guide, deeply cultivated the local cosmetics research and development system, continued to promote the research and development of raw materials and technological innovation, and left a footprint of exploration from the polar regions to the space.

“The sky is for the earth, and the earth is for the sky”, Jialan not only goes deep into the polar regions, but also sends microbial fermentation research to outer space. In June 2013, Galan Group carried on the “Shenzhou 10” spacecraft, and realized the biological skin care scientific research project into space for the first time; in 2015, Galan established a space skin care joint laboratory to study the impact of space environment on human physiological system and skin tissue; Later, Galan jointly established the “Special Environment Skin Protection Biotechnology Joint Laboratory” and “Space Skin Care Technology Joint Laboratory”; at the end of 2021, Galan Group was authorized by the China Aerospace Foundation and officially became a “China Aerospace Industry Partner”.

(Picture: Galan developed Natural Hall Men’s Glacier Moisturizing Lotion and other products used in outer space)

In the past 10 years, by exploring space technology and skin science, Jialan has continuously realized the iterative upgrade of the product matrix. At present, the characteristic strain of Ximoin has also embarked on a new journey on Shenzhou 14 to explore the impact of the highly complex space environment on the shape, activity and genome of the strain.

(Photo: Natural Hall Scalp Care Essence Products)

In the 2022 Shanghai global new product launch season in September this year, Zhantang also launched a new product – Zhantang Sensitive Scalp Repair Essence, announcing that Zhantang officially entered the scalp care and hair care circuit.

A report from iResearch shows that the Chinese facial skin care track is driven by factors such as the expansion of consumer groups, the entry of new players, and the transition of existing players to mid-to-high-end, and the growth is relatively stable. Under the current business model, strong R&D capabilities combined with strong marketing to implement a large-scale product strategy is still an important measure for leading players to maintain core assets. In the future, with the tightening of national supervision, self-developed core formulas will occupy more and more positions in the fierce competition. The more important it is, the exclusive core ingredients will help build a big single product moat.

Thanks to the continuous improvement of technology, innovation and competitiveness of domestic cosmetic brands, the gap between domestic brands represented by Natural Hall and international brands is shrinking, and the original pattern of foreign companies monopolizing core raw materials has been broken. It also provides an opportunity for local brands to open the door to the international market.

Nature Hall is bringing the rare gifts of Himalayan nature to Chinese consumers and global consumers.

It is not difficult to foresee that with the emergence of more pioneering achievements and the expansion of the independent innovation R&D team, the domestic cosmetics industry represented by Natural Hall will usher in a new chapter of development.