How to test for an optometrist certificate? What are the registration requirements?

Optometrists must have some understanding of the medical knowledge of the eyes. Through the fundus examination before glasses, they can preliminarily judge various common eye diseases, and then guide the wearers to wear appropriate glasses, and also recommend them to check if necessary. At present, the glasses industry is developing rapidly, and people’s demand for glasses is also increasing.

The quality of optometry directly affects the visual health of consumers. With the rapid development of the glasses industry, people’s demand for glasses is also increasing. According to statistics, an average of two people in China own a pair of glasses, and each person needs to change a pair of glasses every three years. As an optometrist, you must first have a preliminary understanding of the basics of ophthalmology, including the structure of the eyeball, the principle of eye refraction, the causes of optical imaging, the classification of refractive errors, clinical symptoms and prevention methods.

Required skills: knowledge of ophthalmology, refractive optics, geometric optics, spectacle optics, spectacle product knowledge, contact lenses, fitting and inlay operation techniques, spectacle processing and production, prescription analysis, product introduction; rimless spectacles and progressive multifocal spectacles processing and manufacturing; visual inspection and optical parameter testing; as well as plastics deployment, instrument maintenance, marketing, etc.

As we all know, extra thick glasses cover not just the eyes, but the world where children and teens grow up. Fifty years ago, the prevalence of high myopia was less than 3%, and now it has risen to around 10%. In the future, the number of Chinese nationals with high myopia may exceed one third. Assuming you are short-sighted, protect your eyes and avoid further myopia. After all, you know that you are nearsighted. The higher the degree, the greater the impact on your life. Many times it is really inconvenient to wear glasses, just like when taking a bath, if the degree of myopia is too high, it is impossible to take off the glasses.