How to protect your eyes during online classes at home?

Recently, schools of all levels and types have adopted online teaching methods, so many parents are worried about the health of their children’s eyes in the face of longer screen-reading time and sharply reduced outdoor activity time.

How to protect children’s eyes during online lessons at home? Du Wanli, director of the ophthalmology department of Gansu Maternal and Child Health Hospital, reminded warmly that in the age of screens, children’s eyes are always overdrawn, and online classes have been overdrawn even more during the epidemic. It is very important to love your eyes and protect your eyes. How to use your eyes scientifically in online classes, please parents and children do the following:

Control eye time, pay attention to reading and writing posture

•Control the time of eye use, relax the eyes regularly, and let the eyes rest.

• Choose the right electronics: from big to small, with high resolution and comfortable lighting.

• Correct viewing posture: the eyes should be no less than 50 cm away from the computer screen, the eyes should look down slightly, and the eyes should be more than 3 meters away from the TV or 6 times the diagonal distance of the TV.

•Light: The light is sufficient, the brightness of the electronic product screen is adapted to the environment, and the computer screen is facing away from the window.

Keep in mind the far-sighted coup

• During recess, look farther away.

• Do eye exercises during breaks to relax your eyes.

• Pay attention to your diet, take a reasonable schedule, do not eat too many snacks and sweets, and eat more fruits and vegetables.

• Maintain good indoor lighting, bask in more sunlight on the balcony, and carry out moderate home activities.

• During recess, move the trunk.

Excessive use of the eyes, what should I do if the eyes are dry?

• Don’t stare at the screen for too long.

•Maintain proper indoor humidity and temperature.

•Hot compresses are an effective way to relieve dry and tired eyes.

• It is recommended to wear more glasses.

• Topical medication.

Staying at home, how to provide nutrition for the eyes?

• Enjoy the sun.

• Balanced diet: eat more foods rich in vitamins A, B2, calcium, and zinc, and eat less sweet foods.

•sufficient sleep.

How to self-test myopia at home?

• Seeing distant objects is blurrier than before, squinting and rubbing eyes frequently.

• If your eyesight drops, don’t panic. You can use your eyes less and go to the hospital for treatment after the epidemic is over.

How to wear contact lenses during the epidemic?

• If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, stop wearing all contact lenses.

• Wear soft lenses, daily disposables are recommended.

• Orthokeratology lenses should be strengthened care.

• Wash your hands frequently.

How to review plastic mirrors during the epidemic?

• Clear vision, no discomfort, continue to wear.

•Blurred vision, good or bad vision, or accompanied by discomfort such as redness, photophobia, grinding pain, excessive secretions, etc., stop wearing.

• The plastic lens has expired, but it cannot be replaced in the hospital. It is recommended to stop wearing it first.

• For special discomfort, you can consult a doctor online.

How to pay attention to eye use with high myopia and astigmatism?

• Reasonable eye duration.

• Correct eye distance and posture.

• Pay attention to eye habits and hygiene.

•Blurred vision, increased floating objects, or flashing of vision in one or both eyes, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

How to care for children with amblyopia?

• Stick to wearing glasses to remember.

• Adherence to occlusion and amblyopia treatment

• Electronic products should be reasonable and appropriate.

• Correct the bad habit of rubbing your eyes.

• When the epidemic is over, return to a doctor in a timely manner.

How to take precautions to avoid eye transmission of infectious diseases?

• Wash your hands frequently.

• Avoid rubbing your eyes.

• Do not throw away tissue that has wiped off eye secretions or tears.

•Eye redness and more discharge need to be consulted by an ophthalmologist.

What situations need immediate medical attention?

• If your vision suddenly deteriorates within a few hours, or there is a dark shadow in front of your eyes, see an ophthalmologist immediately.

• Go to the ophthalmologist immediately for newly-occurring open eye injury, eye chemical damage or foreign body entering the eye.

• Splash into hot oil or other foreign objects, do not rub your eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

• If there is a foreign body sensation and vision loss after rinsing, see an ophthalmologist immediately.

• If the eye is bruised or blunt-forced, and you observe eye bleeding, vision loss, and eye pain that cannot be relieved, see an ophthalmologist immediately.

• The sharp object stabs the eye, do not pull it out by yourself, go to the ophthalmologist immediately.

• Eyes red, with yellow secretions, no fever and cough, go to the ophthalmology clinic; red eyes, no other discomfort, no improvement after observation, go to the ophthalmology clinic.

Source: Tian Xiaodong, an all-media reporter from Lanzhou Daily

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