How to prevent cerebral thrombosis in the elderly? Do these 5 things well, or make the blood vessels unobstructed

Cerebral thrombosis is a cerebrovascular disease with a relatively high incidence rate. Middle-aged and elderly people are the main morbidity group, which greatly reduces the quality of life of many elderly people. Because the disability rate of this disease is relatively high, it can even lead to severe cases. die. Fortunately, the disease is preventable and treatable, and even the elderly can take various preventive measures to reduce the risk of this disease.

How to prevent cerebral thrombosis in the elderly?

1. Proper drinking water

Water is an important part of the human body. Usually adults should drink at least about 2000 ml of water every day, while the amount of water required by the elderly is higher, because most of the elderly have thick blood. Drinking water can help improve blood viscosity to a certain extent, and can also reduce the speed of arteriosclerosis. Usually, the elderly need to drink about 2,500 ml of water every day.

2. Stay away from tobacco and alcohol, pay attention to using your brain

Nicotine and other substances in cigarettes will stimulate the blood vessel walls, and alcohol will also affect the health of blood vessels. At the same time, smoking and drinking alcohol may make blood vessels hard and brittle, which may lead to the occurrence of cerebral thrombosis. Therefore, the elderly should stay away from tobacco and alcohol. Pay attention to the use of the brain. Generally, people over 60 years old cannot use the brain continuously for more than half an hour.

3. Regular work and rest

In the process of aging, the body’s ability to adjust and adapt will also continue to decline. If there is still no regular work and rest habits in old age, it may cause garbage and toxins to stay in the blood vessels, increasing the probability of blood vessel blockage. , induced cerebral thrombosis.

4. Avoid going to bed immediately after meals

After eating, a lot of blood will flow to the gastrointestinal tract. Only in this way can the gastrointestinal tract be able to digest food better, so that the blood supply to the brain will be reduced. If you go to bed immediately after a meal, blood pressure is likely to occur. In the case of falling, the speed of blood flow will also slow down, thereby increasing the chance of cerebral thrombosis.

5. Avoid obesity

Studies have found that obese people are more likely to suffer from cerebral thrombosis, because fat not only accumulates in obvious places such as the stomach, but also accumulates in blood vessels. Therefore, the elderly should control their weight, and it is better to help fat burn through exercise, which can not only achieve the purpose of losing weight, but also make blood circulation more smooth.

Although prevention cannot completely eliminate diseases such as cerebral thrombosis, it can reduce the incidence of diseases. Therefore, middle-aged and elderly people should do a good job in prevention work. First of all, they should develop the habit of drinking a small amount of water many times, and secondly, they should avoid smoking and drinking. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid continuous use of the brain for a long time, and to develop regular eating and rest habits. If the weight exceeds the normal range, it is necessary to lose weight through scientific and reasonable methods.

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