How to play the glory of the king

Hello everyone, how to play the glory of the king, the full warehouse of grains, the strategy of the full warehouse of grains. Full Grain Warehouse is a limited-time event for the 7th Anniversary of Glory of Kings. Through the Full Grain Warehouse event, players can get the seventh anniversary limited skin Guiguzi Wu Grain Harvest Year for free. So how do you play Full Grain Warehouse? The editor brings you the activity strategy of Full Grain Warehouse. Let’s take a look together if you are interested.

Event permanent entrance:

Activity Center-Anniversary-[Five Grains Full Warehouse] Free 7th Anniversary Skin

rule of activity:

Collect the cumulative crop maturity of Xingsha, and get the 7th anniversary limited skin: Guiguzi – Harvest Year

Opening hours:

Gradually open from October 26th to November 13th

1. During the event, players can collect “Xingsha” to accumulate crop maturity and unlock rewards: 7th anniversary limited skins: Guiguzi – Harvest Year of Grain, Guiguzi Hero Free Card, Laurel Coin*40;

In addition to the daily tasks, logging in on any day of October 29th/November 4th/November 5th/November 6th can get an extra large amount of star sand to speed up the progress of obtaining rewards. do not miss it;

2. In the process of collecting Xingsha farming, farming and weaving pictures will be dropped, and the obtained farming and weaving pictures will be included in the atlas in the upper right corner of the main interface, which can be clicked to view and share; diamonds can be obtained by sharing each farming and weaving picture for the first time *10;

3. When the maturity reaches 200, the player can consume the subsequently obtained Star Sand for the lottery (30 Star Sand will be consumed for each draw), and there is a chance to obtain the static expression of Guiguzi: Come here! (14-day experience card), Passionate Rose and other rewards;

4. Players who have reached the additional task threshold can also generate a redemption code, which can be used as a gift for friends to directly exchange Guiguzi-Wugu Harenian skin; it should be noted that the redemption code can only be generated on October 29th, please participate in the event in time;

5. Players who have received the redemption code can click [Gift – Redeem Skin] in the upper right corner of the main interface to enter the redemption code, and they will directly receive the 7th anniversary limited skin reward; the redemption time will last until the end of the event, please receive the redemption code Players exchange in time;

6. Click the play button next to the title to jump to view the skin CG animation and learn more about the background story of the skin;

7. Game mission support modes: All 5v5 game modes, including ranking, matching, man-machine, entertainment (Vientiane Tiangong), team competition, and peak competition (excluding open room mode); among which entertainment game mission support mode: Various 5v5 entertainment games in “Vientiane Tiangong” (excluding man-machine game and non-5v5 game modes, such as border breakout, simulated battle);

Announcement of the probability of the lottery prize pool:

Q: How can I get Star Sand quickly?

A: In addition to completing daily tasks, logging in on any of the four days of October 29th/November 4th/November 5th/November 6th will get Xingsha*130, helping players unlock rewards quickly .

Q: Why can’t I generate a skin redemption code?

A: To generate a redemption code, you need to complete three mission conditions. Except for “your own crop maturity reaches 200” and “one game against the same faction with players wearing Guiguzi – Harvest Year”, the redemption can only be generated on October 29th code, please pay attention to the players.

Q: Why can’t I use the redemption code?

A: The use of redemption codes is subject to the following restrictions:

1. Different characters under the same account cannot receive gifts from each other

2. Only 1 character under the same account can directly exchange skins by means of gifts, and the rest of the characters need to accumulate maturity to unlock the skins

3. The same character can only get one skin, that is, players who have unlocked the skin through the accumulated maturity method can no longer use the redemption code

4. The same redemption code can only be redeemed once, that is, the redemption code that has been used by other players will become invalid immediately

Q: Is there any other way to get Guiguzi-Five Grain Harvest Skin?

A: In addition to participating in the event to obtain the skin, the skin will also be added to the Skin Fragment Mall at 10:00 on October 29th for open exchange; if the skin is obtained repeatedly, it will be decomposed into skin fragments, please plan the acquisition method reasonably.

Q: Why I exchanged the skin but can’t use it in the game?

A: Skin rewards will be distributed through in-game emails, and there may be a delay in receipt. Summoners who have successfully redeemed them should pay attention to check and wear them, or go to the event interface again to confirm the status of receipt.

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