How to play the gift of the King’s Glory Galaxy Movement, detailed explanation of the event strategy, and how to get the echo fragments

Hello everyone, how to play the gift of the King of Glory Galaxy Movement, and the detailed explanation of the event strategy. The gift of Galaxy Movement is the latest online event of Glory of Kings, so how to play the gift of Galaxy Movement, let’s take a look at the detailed explanation of the gift of Galaxy Movement.

How to play the gift of the king’s glory galaxy movement

Activity Entrance: Permanent Entrance: Activity Center-Events-【Galaxy Movement】Send Emoji Voice

Event Rewards: Collect event props “Echo Fragments” to exchange for exclusive 388-point coupons, limited-time emoji, laurel coins, limited-time voice and other rewards

Event time: October 20th – October 27th

How to get the echo fragments of the glory of the king, and quickly collect the strategy. Echo Fragment is a gift item for the event Galaxy of Glory launched on October 20, so how to get Echo Fragment, and how to collect Echo Fragment quickly, let’s take a look at the method introduction.

rule of activity:

1. During the event, players can collect “Echo Fragments” to unlock rewards in sequence: 388 points coupons exclusive to Vault of Voices (already owned skins or expired on 2022.10.27 will not be available), limited-time emoji: Sing for you ( 3 days), Laurel Coin*40, Time-limited voice: You must not freeze my people (cannot be used after the expiration of 2022.11.3);

2. The redundant “Echo Fragments” can also be drawn in the “Go to Draw” section, and each draw needs to consume 4 pieces (the draw will start on October 22);

3. Players can click the “Share” button to share the promotional image of the event. During the event, you can get diamonds*10 if you complete the sharing for the first time;

4. Game mission support modes: All 5v5 game modes, including ranking, matching, man-machine, entertainment (Vientiane Tiangong), team competition, and peak competition (excluding open room mode); among which the entertainment game mission support mode: Various 5v5 entertainment games in “Vientiane Tiangong” (excluding man-machine game and non-5v5 game modes, such as border breakout, simulated battle);

5. Event rewards are distributed through in-game emails and are expected to arrive within 24 hours;

6. Players who transfer areas during the event may experience abnormal activities. Summoners should be careful to transfer areas during the event, and the abnormality caused by the transfer will not be handled;

7. If there are negative game behaviors (such as: hanging up, illegal behavior determined in the game), the task will not be completed normally;

8. For more event details and FAQs, please refer to the official website announcement.

Q: Me Q: Can I only unlock four rewards in sequence?

A: Yes.

Q: Why can’t I enter the lottery?

A: The lottery function will be launched on October 22, and each lottery will consume 4 “Echo Fragments”.

Probability announcement of the lottery section:

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