How to play the combination of Houyi and Cai Wenji in the glory of the king

Hello everyone, how to play the combination of Hou Yi and Cai Wenji of the King of Glory, with the analysis of skills. Houyi Cai Wenji is a strong bot duo in the King of Glory version. Many friends still don’t know how to play. The following editor will bring you the cooperation skills of Houyi and Cai Wenji of King’s Glory. Interested friends come and have a look Bar.

The king’s glory, Hou Yi, Cai Wenji’s cooperation skills

1. Combination advantages

Hou Yi’s biggest advantage is that he has a strong ability to continuously output in the middle and late stages. The split arrow of a skill can trigger the passive orb at a high frequency, and it has both a single burst and a group consumption.

The disadvantage is that the self-protection ability is weak. Without the displacement and acceleration skills, it will be difficult to escape once the assassin is approached. This shortcoming can be solved with Cai Wenji.

core advantages:

(1) High line strength of conjoined body

Cai Wenji’s first skill group recovery, and the third skill single high blood recovery + double resistance bonus can greatly improve Hou Yi’s fault tolerance rate.

The second skill can play continuous control with the help of the minion “Dandanle”. The interference effect on the enemy during the laning phase is very strong, which can create more output space for Hou Yi.

(2) Strong continuous output ability in team battles

At full level, Cai Wenji’s ultimate move can provide 704 points of double resistance, and with the high blood recovery, Hou Yi directly has a tank-level physique within 5 seconds of the ultimate move.

This means that it is impossible for the enemy assassin to kill Hou Yi with a single set of skills. Cai Wenji helped Hou Yi to resist a set of skills of the enemy, and the follow-up A will be able to return blood and output continuously.

If Hou Yi added another defensive outfit, then under the protection of Cai Wenji, the simultaneous entry of enemy assassins and warriors may not be able to deal with Hou Yi.

Summary: This combination combines Hou Yi’s excellent continuous output ability and Cai Wenji’s strong single protection ability. After making a three-piece set, Hou Yi can completely take over the game.

2. Combination play ideas

(1) Line matching ideas

Due to the existence of Cai Wenji, Hou Yi and the enemy have advantages in the early stage of fighting for blood. There are three details to pay attention to in the coordinated laning stage.

Tips1: Cai Wenji controls first, Hou Yi consumes remotely

When laning, Cai Wenji’s second skill does not need to be thrown on the enemy hero, because the enemy hero is always moving, so the skill hit rate is difficult to guarantee.

With the help of the minion, the sound wave of the second skill is transmitted, and it will cause continuous control when it rebounds. At this time, Hou Yi must seize the time when the enemy is stunned to consume it.

Tips2: Cooperate with each other to detect grass

When Hou Yi hits the enemy with his second skill, he can gain his vision for 2 seconds. When facing some dangerous grass, Hou Yi first uses his second skill to explore the grass, and then Cai Wenji goes in to occupy the grass.

Tips3: Look at the map more to avoid being caught

In the early stage, you should always observe the small map, and focus on the positions of the enemy jungler and mage. If there is no enemy vision, you must not press the line too deeply.

(2) Details of Cai Wenji’s teamfight cooperation

Tips1: A distance of about a flash from Houyi

It is a taboo for Cai Wenji and Hou Yi to overlap in team battles, so it is easy for both of them to be hit by area-based damage or control skills at the same time.

The best position is to keep a flashing distance from Hou Yi, which can not only restore blood to the last time, but also avoid two people being driven together.

Tips2: Anticipate the entry of the enemy and release the ultimate move in advance

Cai Wenji’s first and third skills heal every 0.5 seconds, not all of them in one second, so pay attention to predicting the enemy’s damage in advance when playing a group.

When playing a group, it is too late to wait for Hou Yi’s residual blood to increase his moves. The best time to release is when Hou Yi is about to be approached. At this time, the double resistance and blood recovery of the ultimate move can save Hou Yi.

(3) Details of Houyi’s teamfighting style

Tips1: Pay attention to the enemy’s hero and assassin’s location

For Hou Yi, the most taboo thing about playing in a group is that he is forced to open first, so before the team fight, he must stand behind and prioritize the consumption of the enemy’s front row HP.

In team battles, use the minimap to determine the location of the enemy’s team-opening heroes and assassins, and keep yourself away from that direction as much as possible to reduce the chance of you being driven.

Tips2: Take A output, big move to start a group

When playing Houyi, you must not stand on the spot to output. The entry standard for playing a good shooter is to learn to walk A, so that it will not affect the output but also avoid some control and damage.

When Hou Yi’s long-distance big move starts a group, it is best for his assassins and warriors to be near the target. After the big move hits, his teammates can keep up in time and quickly focus fire to kill the opponent.

When teammates are not near the enemy, don’t use the ultimate move indiscriminately, save the fight to the enemy warrior and assassin when the enemy enters the field, the ultimate move stuns the opponent, then flashes to open the distance depending on the situation, and then uses A to output.

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