How to play Milady the most powerful in the glory of the king

Hello everyone, how to play Milady the most powerful in the glory of the king, and share the play ideas. There are many heroes in Glory of Kings, and Milady is one of the most commonly used heroes. Some friends want to know how Milady can play the most powerful game. Let’s take a look at this Glory of Kings Milady’s play ideas. Raiders.

King glory Milady how to play the most powerful

1. Out of the box inscription

2. The idea of ​​internal play

1. Milady’s strong period is from level 4 to the end of the 5v5 teamfight. If you can bring the rhythm of pushing towers at this stage, it will be easy to win. If you have a headwind in the early stage, it is basically difficult to fight, and it is also difficult to fight in the late stage. If you want to win in Milady, you need to quickly establish an advantage after level 4, snowball the game, and end the game as soon as possible.

2. Before level 4, the main observation is to see that the two sides are the advantage, the opposite side is less crowded, which road does Nakano Fu like to go on the opposite side, and the people on the opposite side road have poor ability to clear the line and poor ability to defend the tower.

To sum up, we chose a side lane as our goal. After clearing the fourth line of the middle lane, we went directly to the side lane and stayed there. If we have more people and fewer people, if the opponent does not help defend, we can keep the line and let the line enter the tower. After entering the tower, we first put the second skill and then directly throw 31 together. It is the same as throwing the big move to the person or the tower. The first skill is to put it in the opposite position or hit the opposite state.

3. In the early stage, when Milady led the troops into the tower, the tower and people on the opposite side were intertwined with each other, and the lips were dead and the teeth were cold. If one of them was disabled first, the other could not be kept, so the ultimate move was the same for everyone.

If we can’t suppress it in one wave, but the opponent or the tower is not in good condition, don’t go back to the middle lane to clear the lane, send a signal to the jungler, let the jungler go to the middle lane, and we will secure another wave of troops and remove the tower. .

In this process, if the opponent does not come to assist defense, it can be carried out very smoothly. If the opponent consciously comes to assist defense, then don’t hesitate to go back to the middle to grab the next wave, and go back to the middle earlier than the opponent’s middle to get it. Line rights, we still have the upper hand to support the flanks in the next wave.

4. The latter is to use this idea to continue to try to pull out the opposite bilateral outer towers, and invade the wild area with teammates to gradually expand the advantage. In the mid-term team battle, we must pay attention not to die. As long as we win a wave of team battles, we are still alive. You can directly lead the line of troops to demolish all the way to the high ground.

5. After level 4, we have only one goal. We will try our best to demolish the opposite tower. The more towers are demolished, the faster the chance of winning. When you grow up, go to the place where your teammates have more advantages and press the front to demolish the tower.

3. Playing against the wind

After the headwind, you must not think about stealing the tower with a single belt. Milady’s mobility is caught and there is no possibility of surviving. Going out with a single belt is almost like giving away a person’s head. Just honestly guard the tower and clear the line, and gather together to find opportunities to grab orders. In teamfights, use the big move to hit the assassins on the opposite side to cut the back row. It’s okay to use one more skill to consume, and slowly wait for the opportunity to come back. Although it is said that Milady’s teamfighting intensity is not high in the later stage, as long as he wins a wave, he can directly demolish it all the way, and he still has the ability to come back.

4. Tips

Don’t use the second skill before the first-level line is connected, otherwise the mechanical servant will easily get the line under the opposite tower, so we will be very slow in clearing the line. Once the opposite side comes to press the position, we will not only be hit, but may even connect the line. Can’t eat.

The first skill cannot hit the unit without vision, you can first throw the second skill to open the vision, and then use the first skill to consume it.

Opposite Nakanosuke can put a second skill when changing lanes, let the mechanical servants keep chasing them, and they can always gain their vision.

After the 4-minute defense tower protection mechanism disappeared, Milady had the ability to forcibly demolish it, but the demolishing was relatively slow before the equipment was formed, and it required teammates to work together to achieve the best effect.

How to build the King of Glory S29 Marco Polo, the latest build inscription guide. The King of Glory shooter has always been one of the key reasons for victory in team battles. Marco Polo is a very strong shooter hero. Many players still don’t know how Marco Polo should play in the S29 season. The following is the King of Glory S29 season Marco Polo Let’s take a look at the build guide.

King of Glory S29 Season Marco Polo Outfit Guide:

1. [Recommendation for inscriptions]

Inscriptions: 4 Extraction, 6 Hunting, 10 Eagle Eye, 10 Red Moon

Outfit: Attack Speed ​​Shoes, Doomsday, Electric Sabre, Impact Armor, Dawn, Witch

2. [Other Recommendations]

Summoner skills can be selected between purification and stun according to the enemy’s lineup. If the enemy lineup has more control, use purification. If the enemy has less control, or if you have a more aggressive style of play, you can stun, and paired with the double stun of the impact armor, you can easily turn your big moves to full damage.

The reason why this set of inscriptions is brought is so that Marco can reach the 150% attack speed threshold when he leaves the core three-piece suit, and this set of inscriptions can allow Marco to reach the second level after leaving the end of the world. The attack speed threshold allows Marco’s first skill to deal higher damage.

1. In the early stage, Marco Polo is not very strong, mainly focusing on development. Wait until Marco Polo has finished two pieces of equipment and the attack speed reaches 80% before a battle.

2. In the mid-term, try to use one skill to explore the field of vision as much as possible, and don’t use your face to explore the grass, it is easy to be stunned, and the body is relatively brittle.

3. After Marco Polo’s attack speed reaches 130%, the ultimate move can be used reasonably. It does not necessarily require a skill to hit before expanding the move. When facing a small crispy skin, you can also make a big move first and then use a skill to get a real damage effect and leave the battlefield.

4. In the later stage, Marco Polo uses one skill to fight. No matter what tank is in front of Marco Polo, it will be a little crispy. The big move waits for the teammates to finish the opposing control skills before entering the field.

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