How to play a long-term faction battle with a turn-based system? “Fantasy New Zhuxian” to help you answer

Since the update of the mobile game version of “Fantasy New Zhuxian”, the first full-server camp, the Battle of Immortals and Demons, has attracted the attention of many players. The rules are also very simple and easy to understand, that is to divide the offensive and defensive camps with gangs as units, and constantly fight on a map to earn combat points. For three weeks, the camp with the highest points wins, and you can get rich rewards and rare mount fashion. , many gangs have begun to gear up, preparing to show their skills in the first fairy and demon battlefield.

Maybe some friends are curious when they see this rule. Isn’t gang-based activities a regular gang confrontation? In fact, a faction can accommodate up to 500 people, which means that there will be several gangs in one faction. This concept of ally is different from the confrontation between single gangs in the past. There are at least two gangs in the Alliance on the battlefield of fairy and demons, and they will assist in defense or offense together with allied gangs. Therefore, each player must not only understand the rules of the battlefield of fairy and demons, but also choose a suitable play style for teams with different strength gaps. Compared with the traditional turn-based confrontation, the scene of the fairy and demon battlefield is larger and the depth of the strategy is wider.

In addition, each season of the Fairy Demon Battlefield lasts for three weeks, and it is difficult to predict the continuous battle and changes in the battle situation in advance. The exchange of information between team players is also a key. After all, it is very difficult for a faction battle to rely solely on personal strength. From the small team of players to the communication between allies and gangs, it can be seen that the mobile game “Fantasy New Zhuxian” also emphasizes player interaction on the battlefield of fairy and demons. Then in the atmosphere of multi-person concerted efforts in the battlefield of fairy and demon, it is also a unique experience to make friends and develop social relationships in the exciting battle.

Counting down the turn-based confrontation gameplay in the mobile game “Fantasy New Zhuxian”, from the battle of the chief, Tianji ranking, Xianmeng Ledou, the world’s martial arts, the battle of destiny, to the current full-service camp battle fairy and devil battlefield, Not only does it bring you a pleasant and exciting combat experience, but the content is also more innovative and rich. In terms of player interaction, they never fight or fight together, which is in line with the loving social atmosphere of the mobile game “Fantasy New Zhuxian”.

The most important point is that the content of the rewards is getting richer and richer. Rare props such as the rare new mount Xue Longyin, the new fashion, such as Ambition, are waiting for you to collect. There are also exclusive gang badges and costume titles on the gang. At present, the first Fairy Demon Battlefield has been opened, so why don’t you come and experience it?