How to overcome fatigue during running?

Running is a popular sport, it’s simple and easy to perform, but there is always a feeling of fatigue that I’ve listed here to help reduce that. Of course, as the running time increases, the physical strength gets better and better, and this fatigue will also disappear. In this regard, we have compiled some specific methods to adjust our running state!

1) Tired when you start running

This is a normal phenomenon. Many runners have this experience. When they start running, it is difficult to start, and the muscles in the whole body are still in a state of almost zero activation, so it will be more difficult. After running for a period of time, with the secretion of endorphins in the body, the body will More and more excited, more and more relaxed, and then start the mechanical elastic running, the fatigue gradually disappears!

The way to solve this situation is to do some warm-up exercises, walking, brisk walking, stretching, etc. before running, so that the human body can move quickly into the state!

2) Single boring leads to exhaustion

Running is a relatively simple and boring exercise. Constant repetition of the body will make runners pay too much attention to the fatigue of their own body and enlarge it. Then we can listen to cheerful music, relax ourselves, or transfer ourselves. Pay more attention to enjoy the scenery along the way, imagine yourself running in a beautiful scene, seaside mountains and forests, endless fun, or think about other things, provided that you pay attention to safety!

3) Improper rhythm arrangement

Running has its own rhythm. The pace and cadence are in harmony with breathing. There are many ways to breathe. Just find the most comfortable and smooth way for you! When you are tired, adjust your pace and breathing rhythm and run with your body inertia!

4) Other physical factors

It doesn’t matter if you are tired occasionally, you should pay attention to it often, and see if your muscles are sore and lethargic all day long! Lack of sleep or poor quality is also an important cause of fatigue! Lack of vitamins and minerals and trace elements, especially iron, vitamin D and vitamin B12, which can lead to fatigue, anxiety and neurasthenia!

Depression, Anxiety, Research shows depression manifests unexplained fatigue, do more and think more about fun! If it cannot be resolved for a long time, consider seeking medical attention! Excessive stress leads to fatigue. When we are under stress, the body’s secretion of adrenaline and cortisol surges. When the stress lasts for a long time, the adrenal glands will overload and cause physical fatigue! Think more about happy things or calm yourself down for stress relief!

Not enough energy causes fatigue! Many people go on a diet in order to lose fat quickly, or the pace of life forces a reduction in the amount of food and uneven nutrition, resulting in insufficient energy supply. You must eat breakfast, three meals are normal, and the nutrition is balanced. You cannot blindly diet to lose weight!

5) Excessive running

Running is an important means to improve health and prolong life. However, the greater the amount of exercise, the better. Excessive exercise can damage the body’s immune function and affect health. This is because when people exercise vigorously, more hormones such as epinephrine and cortisol will be produced in the body. When these hormones increase to a certain amount, the ability of the spleen in the immune organ to produce white blood cells will be greatly reduced, resulting in lymphocytes. The activity of A cells, B cells and natural killer cells (NK cells) is greatly reduced, and natural killer cells can be reduced by 35%. Running too much can lead to neurosis, making you less reflexive, less balanced, and less elastic in your muscles.

Long-distance running or marathon training should focus on science, system and coherence, and ensure the connection and efficiency between classes, rather than blindly stacking the running volume and pulling the speed. We have to do “don’t train for punching”, but “punch for training”. So you can run farther and be healthier.