How to look for 2023 certainty? Liu Run: Enhancing one’s own rigidity becomes certainty

On the afternoon of October 29, Liu Run, the founder of Runmi Consulting, gave an annual speech on 2022 “The Power of Evolution” on the Moments, which was broadcast live for 4 hours and was watched by 2.854 million people.

The speech runs through 8 modules, starting with uncertainty and ending with certainty, and experienced in the middle: elasticity, passing through cycles, the fifth element, consumption evolution, metaverse, and embracing planning. “Under the change, where are our opportunities?” “In uncertainty, looking for certainty” and other views have attracted attention.

In fact, at almost the same time last year, the first “Power of Evolution – Liu Run’s Annual Lecture” was released. Liu Run cited cases in various directions, such as dynamic elderly, digital oil, Z0 generation, and cross-border e-commerce. “As long as you are professional, there are opportunities everywhere.” At that time, Liu Run concluded that in 2022, he will use a new dimension to see the changes in the world.

At the beginning of this year, Liu Run said that in 2022, the word that I hear the most is “uncertainty”.

How to peel off the uncertainty of 2022 and find the certainty of 2023? Liu Run believes that resolving accidents, crossing cycles, and locking plans.

Finding certainty is important, but one more thing, going back to the “brittle, plastic, elastic” model, actually “rigidity” is also important.

Rigidity – Liu Run took the example of falling dumbbells. The dumbbells fell from the air and the floor was broken, but the dumbbells were not broken. This is rigidity.

The founder of Xiaopeng Huitian, Zhao Deli, is a farmer. The flying motorcycle “Somersault Cloud” he built weighs 256 kilograms. This flying motorcycle was once questioned. After 10 years of continuous improvement, the “Somersault Cloud” flew into the air and landed slowly. to be recognized. Now Zhao Deli’s company is building flying cars.

Liu Run also mentioned the story of Mr. Rongrong Zhong, the founder of Totole, who later founded the energy drink brand “Rikaman”. How hard is it to fight in glory? At the age of 72, he still appeared in the live broadcast room to recommend “daily refill” products. Even though he was already famous, his “dumbbell” hit the floor again.

There is also the story of Zhong Chengzhan, the founder of outdoor brand Kailestone. Zhong Chengzhan was unable to stand due to an accidental injury, but he did not give up. Even in a wheelchair, he still had to ride the snow and fly in search of his towering “unreached peak”.

Behind every story is a “dumbbell” hitting the floor.

Liu Run mentioned that we all want the floor to be softer, but the floor should be harder. “More important than finding certainty is being certain. And passing certainty to everyone.”

Liu Run mentioned the equation of growth = self (endogenous variable) * structure (opportunistic variable) * era (environmental variable) * accident (random variable). Among them, the three dimensions of structure, era, and accident are all symbiotic variables, and only the variable “self” is the only endogenous and controllable variable.

“Turn yourself into a strong rigidity, and a giant doesn’t need a strategy to cross the river.” Liu Run said, the more uncertain the outside world, the more you need to improve your rigidity and re-practice the basic skills.

In 2023, how to judge whether a thing is worth doing? Liu Run said, just to see if this matter helps you “become certainty”. The most scarce ability is not the ability to “find certainty”, but the ability to “provide certainty”.

In the speech, Liu Run recommended 6 books, namely:

1. Guns, Germs and Steel. Published 25 years later, it is still regarded as a classic. By Jared Diamond.

2. The Innovator’s Dilemma. Written by Harvard Business School professor and McKinsey Prize winner Clayton Christensen.

3, “effective managers.” By Peter Drucker, the father of modern management.

4. “Competitive Strategy”. By Michael Porter, the father of corporate competitive strategy.

5. “Black Swan”. Works by American author Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

6, “Marketing Management” 16th edition. By Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Li Qionghao