How to increase the maximum oxygen uptake and let you easily PB? ​

The term “maximal oxygen uptake” is not unfamiliar to runners. Simply put, the maximum oxygen uptake is the amount of oxygen that can be taken in per unit time when the cardiopulmonary function and the ability of muscles to utilize oxygen reach their limit levels. The higher the VO2 max, the better the athletic ability, the faster and longer the run, which is also a digital reflection of the physical fitness level.

So how is the maximum oxygen uptake calculated?

calculation method

Maximum oxygen uptake = maximum heart rate ÷ resting heart rate × 15.3 ml/kg min. This formula is for well-trained male runners aged 21-51, which means it is more suitable for runners who train regularly. For example, a person’s maximum heart rate is 200 and resting heart rate is 50, then the maximum oxygen uptake is about 61.2.

Another VO2 max test method is the Cooper 12-minute running test, where VO2max≈(d12-504.9)÷44.73, where d12 represents the distance run in 12 minutes, in meters, that is, if a Athletes can run up to 3 kilometers in 12 minutes, then (3000-504.9) ÷ 44.73, and the maximum oxygen uptake is about 55.8.

So how do you increase your VO2 max?

Low-intensity training to increase VO2 max

“Slowness” is the key when you first start running. Slowness at the beginning will make running fun, and it is the key to falling in love with running. Long-distance stretching (LSD) can exercise the body to burn fat and add more oxygen to the brain. Correct jogging almost always generates energy through aerobic metabolism, which is of great help in improving the oxygen use capacity of the muscles.

Exercise cardiorespiratory capacity, increase maximum oxygen uptake

For advanced runners, when the aerobic capacity of the muscles is stabilized, it is time to start exercising the cardiorespiratory capacity, so that the maximum oxygen uptake can continue to increase.

In order to increase the body’s maximum oxygen uptake, runners must maintain high-intensity training for more than 2 minutes. If you can practice twice a week, with 2 to 3 days between each time, your VO2 max will increase after a few weeks, but the increase will not be very large.

Increase VO2 max with “interval running”

During the interval, the activities of the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system are at a high level, so repeated stimulation training can improve the level of vital capacity and the efficiency of lung ventilation.

Through interval training, the heart volume is increased by 1/5, and the stroke volume is increased. With the enhancement of cardiopulmonary function, the maximum oxygen uptake level of the body also increases significantly, and the performance gradually improves.