How to download the mobile game of Undecember in March, Xunyou will teach you

The Korean game “Undecember 13”, also known as the thirteenth month, will be launched on October 12th on all platforms of PC and mobile games. Currently, pre-downloads can be started on Steam and Android. Next, I will introduce the mobile game to you. The detailed download method of the terminal game.

2. After downloading, go to the login interface. After registering and logging in, search for “December” on the home page

3. Two options pop up, we choose the one with the word download, click “Download”

The above is the pre-loading tutorial for Android in March. IOS users cannot download it yet. The accelerator is an indispensable tool for us to play mobile games on foreign servers.

Now go to Xunyou Mobile Game Accelerator – My – Personal Center – Redemption Code/Password Code and enter “Xunyou 007” to get 5 days of free acceleration time.

Xunyou Mobile Game Accelerator is a relatively stable tool that I have been using. It can not only reserve a “one-click download” before the game goes online, but also effectively improve the network problems of the external server game after the game is officially launched, avoiding delays and freezes. , disconnection, etc.