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A power bank refers to a portable charger that can be carried by an individual and can store electrical energy by itself. Mainly used to charge consumer electronic goods such as handheld mobile terminals (such as wireless phones, notebook computers), especially when there is no external power supply. The mobile power design belongs to the industrial design. At present, the domestic mobile power supply has been developed very well. Except for some details, the current power bank design will be modified and upgraded. The most important thing is the change in appearance. Design creativity on the appearance to make a novel appearance.

The key to outdoor power bank customization is appearance. In addition to being light and durable, the power banks on the market now also have a unique look. The appearance design of the power bank includes sweet style, funny style, modern feeling, cool feeling and so on.

The design concept of mobile power can create intangible wealth for mobile power companies. Today, the competition of companies is no longer the competition of tangible assets, but the competition of creativity and original brand. The economic benefits of a company are ultimately realized through design, and design can help companies achieve their business goals. The mobile power design product should finally confirm that it is beneficial and feasible to carry out creative design through benefits.

Outdoor power bank design is a new field of design. In recent years, under the constant influence of young people, all walks of life have begun to innovate to attract the attention and efforts of young people. The power bank should be the same. Not only in function, but also new breakthroughs in appearance design, only originality and creativity can be accepted by the market and the public. Starting from the analysis of the target group, we first made user portraits of the target group and recorded the scenes of using the mobile power supply. We are observing what users hope this mobile power supply can bring to the users in these scenarios. Discover the usage needs and pain points of the product from the user portrait, observe and discover the potential needs of users from the usage scenarios of the product, and finally redefine the product definition to guide the product design.

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