How to deal with the recurrence of cancer? These two things should be kept in mind

  The recurrence of cancer is heard in the ears of many patients, which is like a bolt from the blue. They never expected it to come so quickly, and they are not psychologically prepared at all. In addition, before the disease, some patients often saw the serious consequences of relapse, such as excruciating pain, skinny, and dying soon, etc., which aggravated their own psychological pressure and made them even more confused, not knowing what to do. face. So, how to do this?


  1. Don’t refuse to reach out to the people around you for help for the so-called self-esteem. Due to the successive blows of the disease, the patient’s heart is more fragile and sensitive, and he does not want to see other people’s strange eyes, so he can’t wait to close himself up. In this context, the patient’s self-esteem is undoubtedly stronger, and it is difficult to actively seek help, but in the process of fighting cancer, personal strength is very weak, and when necessary, it is necessary to seek support from family members, friends, doctors, etc., so as to firmly Keep going.

  Second, don’t keep imagining the final result of the disease, and don’t make major decisions lightly. After cancer, the patient’s life and body often undergo great changes, and it is difficult to adapt for a while, so that some psychological problems are prone to occur. This is a normal phenomenon, but it should not be left unattended, just like many patients often imagine their final tragic situation after learning the truth, which greatly affects their anti-cancer confidence and aggravates the body’s weak state. In fact, positive psychological hints can give patients more strength, and they should think more about the good side of everything, and don’t make decisions with their foreheads.

  In any case, now that the cancer has returned, patients need to accept the facts as soon as possible and actively seek treatment methods that are suitable for them to keep it under control. In terms of treatment, professional oncologists naturally have more right to speak, but patients should also take the initiative to cooperate and express their feelings and treatment goals, so that they can adjust appropriately. At the same time, anti-cancer also requires the participation of TCM treatment. Through macro adjustment, TCM can improve immune function, improve clinical symptoms, improve quality of life, and prolong survival.


  Cancer recurrence is indeed a major problem plaguing modern medicine, but this does not mean that there is no solution at all. Patients need to do a good job in their psychological counseling, and devote themselves to treatment with a more positive and optimistic attitude, so as to promote the disease and the body to recover. get better. In response to this problem, Yuan Xifu, an old Chinese medicine doctor, once said: “Heaven helps those who help themselves. In this disease, you have to have confidence in yourself. If you are strong, God will help you. It doesn’t mean that you won’t live long if you get cancer.”