How to deal with oily skin and acne

Because I have oily skin, I have been troubled by acne and pimple marks for a long time. At first, I went the wrong way. I always went to the beauty salon. They kept doing me a cuticle and adding skin care products, which caused my skin to be damaged. , which caused my acne to come back and forth basically, leaving a lot of acne marks. Later, I found out that I couldn’t repeat exfoliation, so I started to use some well-reputed acne-removing and imprint-removing products. As a result, within half a year, the acne on my face disappeared, and now it rarely appears again. About 1 year, I basically can’t see it, so I really need to find the right way to get rid of acne and prints. The following products are all very useful to me, and I sincerely introduce them to you.

Dr. Shirono EGF Essence

EGF can accelerate metabolism to achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation, increase skin elasticity, and moisturize skin. Ideal for accelerating wound healing such as skin wounds, keeping wounds flat and smooth, reducing or disappearing scars and reducing pigmentation.

Botanical Library Acne Cream

This is the best way to get rid of acne! The most important thing is that many hospital dermatology departments also recommend the use of the Botanical Library acne series. Its research and development team has a medical background and has a number of patent certificates. More than a dozen pure natural plant formulas are very effective for acne, closed mouth and whiteheads, redness and itching, and acne pustules. Apply it every morning and evening, and the acne will magically disappear. Be sure to match it with its acne-removing mask, the skin will really become smooth and delicate, unlimited repurchase!

Petrov Cucumber Soothing Mask

Deeply hydrating, calming and repairing, the extremely mild gel mask contains ten kinds of herbal extracts such as cucumber and papaya, which deeply hydrates and calms and relieves the sensitive symptoms of the skin.

Muscle acne remover

The most effective product! Developed by the medical university, it has won many gold medals for acne removal, and the effect and reputation are excellent. If you have acne pimples, closed mouth pustules, acne marks, and redness and swelling of whiteheads, you can use this to get rid of the acne marks of the friends around you for seven or eight years. This works well. I especially like this hormone-free and chemically irritating product, it is definitely the right choice for acne treatment!

Sulwhasoo Palace Honey Soap

The faint smell of traditional Chinese medicine can effectively improve the annoying problems such as large pores, yellow gas, dull and dull skin! It has the functions of detoxification, purifying yin and nourishing yin to help the skin restore its natural pure state.

Eau precieuse French balance acne precious water

After a hundred years, Eau precieuse French precious water is still popular, it is effective for closed mouth and acne. In addition, it is very friendly to girls with oily skin, and it feels clean and fresh after use.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Acne Night Repair Cream

Contains Organic Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Tea Tree Oil, Begonia Oil and Glycerin, which can effectively improve the skin. The refreshing and easy-to-absorb texture can also gently regulate skin oil secretion at night, remove acne, and achieve the effect of full moisturizing and repairing.

EVE LOM Acne Conditioning Balm

It took me a long time to open the package after I bought it, because I learned to take care of my skin correctly. After using the product correctly, I rarely get acne. Recently, I didn’t wash my hair for several days, and then a pimple developed on the hairline. I applied it. One layer feels mild, but pimples go away slower.

H2O pimple water

The main acne treatment principle of H2O acne spot water is to use an appropriate amount of salicylic acid BHA to penetrate into the hair follicles containing oil, to decompose dirt and impurities, to prevent the growth of bacteria, and to speed up the removal of dead skin and acne healing.

Korea Hanskin Hansiqing hyaluronic acid acne repair essence

Seeing this pink and tender toner, is it a girl’s heart bursting? It is very suitable for little fairies, it can repair acne, and men can also give it to their girlfriends. This toner contains broken uric acid, which can effectively lock water, whiten skin, repair acne, and make your skin white and tender while drinking full water!