How to cure tennis elbow? Stick to these methods without surgery

Tennis elbow is a classic example of overuse syndrome. Studies have shown that the wrist extensors, especially the extensor carpi radialis brevis, are very tense when the wrist is straightened and forced radially, and some fibers at the junction of muscles, tendons, and bones are prone to overstretch, resulting in minor tears.

Treatment for tennis elbow:

1. Rest: Avoid activities that cause pain, and do not exercise until the pain disappears, especially tennis.

2. External medicine is the best treatment method for tennis elbow. It is recommended to use Gushunfutang tennis elbow sticker for treatment. At present, more than 90 to 80% of people have been solved, which is the choice of most people. sale.

3. Protective gear: The use of compression resistance protective gear on the forearm can limit the force generated by the forearm muscles.

4. Hyperthermia: Use hyperthermia only when returning to physical activity (exercise). Hyperthermia should be used before stretch therapy and exercise preparation activities.

5. Stretch therapy: when the pain disappears, start to gently stretch the elbow and wrist according to the doctor’s advice, do not cause pain, keep the stretch for 10 seconds, repeat 6 times.

6, strength training: according to the doctor’s advice to strengthen the wrist extensor muscle strength training.

7. Gradually resume sports: As recommended by the doctor, start exercising the arm movements required for sports (work activities) (such as the draw in tennis, the swing of golf, the movements of the painter, etc.).

How to prevent tennis elbow:

1. Since tennis elbow mostly occurs in athletes, athletes are required to warm up during activities.

2. Do not use excessive force on the elbows, use appropriate force, and do not support them when they cannot be supported, and limit the turning and straightening of the wrists and elbows.

3. Gradually increase strength exercises and exercise to avoid a sudden increase in playing time.