How to control fat and salt when losing weight? Just complete the following six steps.

​What do you want for lunch?

Some friends will make them by themselves and bring them back to the company, which is better. They can adjust the ingredients according to their own tastes, and they do not need too many seasonings because they are made by themselves.

Then some friends will choose to order takeout, so be careful, especially when you are losing weight. General take-out and outside food are relatively oily and salty, and the taste is relatively strong. Whether it’s oil or salt, eating too much can have a big impact on our weight.

Oils contain the most calories and are most easily absorbed and stored by the human body. If you eat too much, it is likely to lead to the accumulation of fat in the body. Although salt cannot provide energy, it can also cause water accumulation, making it difficult to excrete water from the body, leading to obesity. Moreover, excessive consumption of salt can also lead to high blood pressure.

Here are six tips to better control your oil and salt, allowing you to lose weight better.

The first point: when choosing food, pay attention to some foods with high oil content, especially like broad beans, crispy chicken, fried chicken, fried chicken, puff pastry, etc., which are high in fat content, try not to eat them.

If you want to lose weight better, diet is a very important aspect. Controlling diet does not mean blindly dieting, but needs to achieve low calorie, high metabolism, and high satiety. Generally speaking, high-fiber foods are low in calories. Foods such as chia seeds and konjac flour are recommended. While reducing calories, it can also enhance satiety, while fruit and vegetable enzymes, angelica, sea buckthorn, compound probiotics and other substances can help intestinal peristalsis, accelerate metabolism, and reduce fat accumulation. It can also be supplemented daily. If it is more troublesome to supplement alone, Guheqingyuan can be used directly, which can directly meet the above three requirements.

The second: vegetables, especially green vegetables, can be cooked by boiling, or vegetable soup.

Step 3: When you ask for a food that contains a lot of fat, you can wash it with a basin of clean water. You might think this is hypocrisy, but I would say that health is more important than hypocrisy.

Fourth: If you want to eat hot pot, you must choose a mandarin duck pot at this time, take more green vegetables and put them in the clear soup, not red soup, because green vegetables are easy to get oily. The first is vegetarian food, and the second is vegetarian food, such as beef, spare ribs, chicken feet, brain flower, pork skin, etc.

Fifth: If you want to eat eggs, you can choose steamed eggs, poached eggs, marinated eggs, or fried eggs, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, because eggs have good oil absorption.

Sixth: If you are cooking fried food, you can remove the oil from the outer layer. Most of the oil is in the outer layer. After removing, it will reduce the energy.

So, these six tips are that you can also use it for takeout when you eat out. Only then can he eat better!