How to clean the car gearbox need frequent cleaning

Gearbox cleaning first we have to know where the impurities come from

Impurities not only come from unclean cleaning parts, more impurities come from the inside of the automatic transmission, the metal chips and the debris of the friction plates generated by the constant wear and tear of the transmission.

The metal debris mainly comes from the constantly worn planetary gears, copper sleeves and bearings, some gaskets inside the torque converter, worn locking pistons and the inner side wall of the front cover. Seeing that the copper layer of the bimetallic gasket has been worn away, the introduction is also worn out by the gasket.

Some of the friction plate debris comes from the clutch in the automatic transmission, and some come from the lock-up friction plate in the torque converter, especially the lock-up friction plate. Contaminates torque converters, radiators, hydraulic valve bodies and solenoid valves.

What are the hazards of impurities

The lock-up valve and valve hole in the hydraulic valve body are relatively easy to wear, this is because the characteristic of oil circuit circulation is that after the automatic transmission oil flows out of the radiator, it first flows to the lock-up valve in the hydraulic valve body, from the radiator. The impurities brought out are easy to get stuck or wear and lock the valve sleeve, and also wear the valve hole.

In this case, simply replacing the lock-up valve sleeve cannot solve the problem here. It is necessary to ream the hole through the valve hole and install the enlarged lock-up valve and valve sleeve, otherwise the hydraulic valve body should be replaced.

Therefore, it is extremely important to clean the automatic transmission in a timely manner. During maintenance, it is necessary to prevent the contamination from being brought in from the outside, and also to remove the contamination from the inside of the transmission.

When do you need to clean the gearbox?

In the continuous use of the transmission oil, harmful substances such as carbon deposits and colloids will be generated inside, which will gradually accumulate into sludge, which will increase the fuel consumption of the engine and reduce the power, which cannot meet the precise matching clearance with the engine. requirements, and even cause damage to the engine in severe cases.

Cleaning can effectively dissolve and disperse harmful deposits, help the engine restore horsepower, save fuel, and effectively improve the working efficiency of the engine.

There are many cleaning methods, the main methods are: special detergent (love dynamic automatic box-changing high-efficiency cleaning agent), compressed air pressure cleaning, three polyethylene steam cleaning and so on.

Daily gearbox maintenance

1. As long as the gearbox oil is changed regularly, the inside will not be particularly dirty, and there is no need to deliberately clean it;

2. Simple cleaning: Before replacing the gearbox oil, add special detergent to the gearbox, then turn on and run for a few minutes to clean the internal oil, then add new gearbox oil to clean it, and add oil normally. Yes, this method is simpler and more affordable;

3. Professional maintenance and cleaning: This kind of cleaning needs to disassemble the gearbox parts, and the cleaning is definitely much better than cleaning it yourself, but it can’t do 100% cleaning, only a large part of it, and the effect is relatively comparable. OK