How to choose a mobile game agency platform to join

Many people want to join the mobile game agency team, because cooperating with the mobile game agency platform does not require so much capital investment, but also saves a lot of trouble. The most important thing is that the mobile game agency is profitable and belongs to Chaoyang. industry. But looking at the entire game market, there are simply too many platforms for cooperation! For inexperienced people, they might fall into the pit, and it is really difficult to choose. Today, the editor of Wuhan 100 million travel has summarized the following four points, hoping to help everyone.

How to choose a mobile game agent platform to join
1. Use genuine mobile game server

There is also a way to identify the genuine mobile game agent platforms well. This method is to know whether the games on the mobile game platform use the server of the genuine mobile game, which is easy to distinguish. As long as you download the game and compare it, you can know, because if it is a genuine mobile game, the game data will be exchanged, and if it is a pirated game, the game data will not be exchanged.

Second, the authorization letter of the genuine mobile game

If you want to know what the genuine mobile game agent platform has, there is only one way to get it easily, and that is to ask the mobile game platform to show the authorization letter of the genuine game. Because if there is no authorization letter for the genuine game, it means that the game is imitated and developed privately, and the consequences of acting as a game agent may be very serious.

3. How is the profit

For those who want to represent games, one of the most concerned issues is the profit of the game. Judging from the current market research data, the profit is still very considerable, especially for some popular games. Today’s gamers are different from those of the past. Today’s players are willing to pay to play in the game, especially for genuine games, there are many gamers. Therefore, the agent of genuine games, the profit is good.

4. Are genuine games easy to make?

For those who want to be mobile game agents, there is another question that they are very concerned about. Is it easy to make genuine games? To be honest, no matter what you do, you need patience, and the same is true for genuine games. Moreover, judging from the current market operation situation, it is relatively easy to operate genuine games, and people will play them without spending too much effort to promote them.