How to build the King of Glory S29 Fire Dance, I don’t know how to build the fire dance, S29 Xiaoqiao’s build order list

Hello everyone, how to build the King of Glory S29 Fire Dance, I don’t know how to score the Fire Dance. King of Glory has now entered the S29 season. Many friends are curious about how to play the King of Glory S29 Fire Dance. Now let’s take a look at the relevant content of the King’s Glory S29 Shiranui’s costume guide.

King glory S29 how to play fire dance

1. S29 Shiranui Mai Outfit Recommendations

Resistance Shoes + Vampire Book + Hat + Echoing Staff + Magic Wearing Staff + Big Book

2. S29 Shiranuiwu inscription recommendation

10 reincarnations, 10 hearts, 10 nightmares

3. Other Recommendations

Main and secondary skills, with flash

The above is the guide on how to play the King of Glory S29 Fire Dance. I hope these contents can be helpful to everyone.

How to build the King of Glory s29 Xiaoqiao, and the order of builds. As a mage hero, Xiaoqiao has a very high burst damage and plays the main output position in the team in the later stage. So what is the strongest build? Let me introduce you to Xiao Qiao’s build method.

King glory Xiaoqiao’s strongest costume recommendation

1. Boots of Calmness, Rod of Echoes, Wrath of the Loremaster, Rod of Void, Huiyue, Book of Sages

This build can shorten the CD of Xiao Qiao’s skills. The clear line speed is very fast. At the same time, the increase in movement speed facilitates Xiao Qiao’s roaming and helps teammates to improve their advantages. It is very flexible to avoid important damage when playing in groups. instill.

2. Boots of Mystery, Mask of Pain, Wrath of the Loremaster, Staff of Void, Book of Sages, Staff of Echoes

This combination can produce a very powerful burst. It is suitable for playing this equipment when the opponent’s lineup is very fleshy. It can melt the tank in an instant by doing more damage through magic piercing.

The above is the recommendation of Xiao Qiao’s strongest outfits. When choosing equipment, players must choose according to their team’s lineup and the opponent’s lineup. Different heroes in the lane will also have different outfits, but generally they can be the same.

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