How thin is Zhang Jiawen? Boxing with watermelon girl, was beaten

Zhang Jiawen has now become a popular anchor in the Huya LOL section, especially after showing his face, he is available in all kinds of outdoor activities. Although Zhang Jiawen is not good at words, it seems that the effect is very good after bringing him, so Zhang Jiawen participates in various interactions with female anchors. Among them, there is a female anchor named Xiguamei. She looks rough, and she is tall and fat. Zhang Jiawen and Xiguamei went on a date together and had a boxing exercise together.

It turned out that when Zhang Jiawen and Xiguamei appeared on the ring together, the physical gap between the two was directly enlarged infinitely. As soon as the two sides started to fight, Zhang Jiawen was beaten by Xiguamei. Facing Xiguamei’s huge physical advantage, Zhang Jiawen had nothing to do. Zhang Jiawen, who was thin and short, was chased and beaten by the watermelon girl all the way. To be honest, Zhang Jiawen should not be involved in sports when participating in such outdoor activities, it is too weak!

After being knocked to the ground, Zhang Jiawen wanted to give up the resistance. It is true that the watermelon girl is too strong. Although it is said that boys can fight more than girls in many cases, when faced with a girl with a big physical gap, I am afraid that Zhang Jiawen really has no choice. , was beaten violently in a few punches, Zhang Jiawen even ran out of the arena, and fled with his head in his arms. These words all fit perfectly. Zhang Jiawen’s current state!

As a single dog, Zhang Jiawen participates in love variety shows and falls in love with girls. What is the purpose of going to fight with watermelon girl? Isn’t this just looking for death? Eat a slash and gain wisdom. In the future, Zhang Jiawen will never fight with Xiguamei again, because it is really possible to be beaten to death, and this ass can crush Zhang Jiawen to death!