How strong is the 129 legal system of Fantasy Westward Journey? This big guy gave his answer!

In Fantasy Westward Journey on PC, level 129 is recognized as a “brush” level, but some “brushes” really have two brushes. For example, the Shenmu Lin exposed today is one of the “five openings” of this boss. Now, let’s take you to learn!


Equipment display

The position of the hairpin is the 8-forged gourd baby head. Although the basic attributes are average, the details of the runestones are quite good.

The weapon part is full of highlights. It is a non-grinding double sword with an initial injury of 475 points and a single plus 34 magic. This kind of high-damage and magic non-grinding weapon is relatively rare on the market.

The belt part is a 120-level 8-forged gourd baby. This equipment is the same as the helmet, which is used as a set.

The necklace part is more extreme, it is a piece of equipment with a level 120 total spirit and 267 spiritual power. This piece of equipment is only 1 point away from strengthening the full spirit, which is quite good.

The shoes are a level 120 gourd set, and this equipment is also used to make up a set.

The clothes part is very good, it is a gourd baby suit with a level 120 primary defense 231 points and a body magic double plus 48 points.

Judging from the details, this 129 player is very good at playing. Not only did the hole outfit use the “magic injury” runestones, but also specially matched five gourd treasure sets to enhance his attributes. Moreover, his combination can easily use “activity equipment” to further enhance the output, which is very comfortable.


Spiritual display

The player’s front-row spiritual ornaments use the configuration of three damage, four spell damage, and one spell violence. This is also because Shenmulin can rely on meridians to obtain spell violence, so the bonus on the spirit ornaments is of little significance. In the back row, the three-defense and three-blood-resistance spiritual ornaments are used to increase their own survivability. In the part of the spiritual decoration suit, the level 4 fast walking is used to increase the speed.

With the addition of the equipment and the character’s foundation, the player’s speed has reached 591 points, and the magic damage has 2024 points. Even if he doesn’t hit a spell, he can take off directly. No matter what the efficiency is, the efficiency is very high!


Summoned beast display

The first summoned beast is a 5-skill All-Red High Link. While the attack capital and growth are quite good, the damage is also more than 2500 points, and the task effect is very good.

The second summoned beast has 7 skills, high resistance to attack, and the growth of aptitude is relatively general, and it has low blood-sucking, so it is estimated that it is used to kill the world.

The third summoned beast is the 5-skill Xumi with the Speed ​​Qualification Online, but the spell is the Lightning Spell, which is not detailed enough. If it is Taishan Xumi, it will be much more comfortable.

The fourth summoned beast is the 4-skill Thousand Speed ​​Phoenix, which is generally used to kill the world and the “adversity” pet. It belongs to the existence that has no effect at ordinary times, and it cannot be done without it at critical moments!


In general, this 129 equipment is not luxurious, and the number of gems is acceptable to most players. What I have to say is that the weapons, clothes, and necklaces are good, the characters are good, and they belong to the existence of using money on the edge. Moreover, his attribute is also very comfortable to perform tasks in normal times, and he can take off without hitting a spell. You can also consider his equipment collocation.