How should breast cancer patients eat? 5 ways to take care of yourself




  Breast cancer diet taboos


  1. Breast cancer patients should have a balanced diet, not partial eclipse, not taboo, mix meat and vegetables, thickness and thickness, the more varieties of food, the better;


  2. Don’t eat foods that are sour, salted, mildewed, smoked, pigmented, and flavored, and don’t drink alcohol.


  3. Eat more natural foods and less artificially copied and refined foods;


  4. Reasonable tonic can improve immunity. Some tonics, such as ginseng, black fungus, red dates, etc., have the effect of directly or indirectly suppressing cancer and strengthening the body.


  5. Steam, boil, stew more when cooking, and try to eat less fried food.


  breast cancer diet


  The diet adjustment of patients with this disease must rely on various nutrients in the food, and the main problem of cancer patients is malnutrition. Improving patient nutrition is the most important measure in anticancer therapy. A reasonable diet for breast cancer patients can improve the body’s resistance, which is very beneficial to the patient’s treatment and recovery. The dietary allocation of cancer patients should pay attention to the following points:


  1. Supplying easily digestible protein foods, such as milk, eggs, fish, soy products, etc., can improve the body’s anti-cancer ability. Milk and eggs may improve protein disturbances after radiation therapy.


  2. Eat the right amount of sugar to add calories. High-dose radiotherapy patients can destroy their body’s glucose metabolism, the glycogen is sharply reduced, the lactic acid in the blood increases, which cannot be reused, and the insufficiency of insulin function is significantly aggravated, so the effect of glucose supplementation is better. In addition, eat more sugar-rich foods such as honey, rice, noodles, and potatoes to supplement calories.


  3. Eat more foods with anti-cancer effects, such as soft-shelled turtles, mushrooms, black fungus, seaweed, mustard greens, royal jelly, etc.


  4. Vitamins A and C can prevent malignant transformation and proliferation of cells and increase the stability of epithelial cells. Vitamin C can also prevent general symptoms of radiation damage and improve white blood cell levels; vitamin E can promote cell division and delay cell aging; vitamin B1 can promote the patient’s appetite and relieve symptoms caused by radiotherapy. Therefore, should eat more foods rich in the above vitamins, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals, beans, animal offal and so on.


  5. Diversify the diet, pay attention to color, aroma, taste, shape, and promote the patient’s appetite; food should be cooked by steaming, boiling, stewing and other methods, and it is forbidden to eat indigestible food and alcohol.


  6. For those who have difficulty in chewing, swallowing, digestion and absorption, and lack of special nutrients after surgery for tumors in various parts, different diets can be given according to the situation to supplement the lack of nutrients. If necessary, a complex nutritional element diet can be given to enhance the patient’s resistance.


  Five ways to care for breast cancer patients


  1. Enhance immunity


  Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, strengthen diet nutrition, and exercise properly to keep fit.


  2. Psychological care


  Mood changes can make the condition worse. Breast cancer patients have poor self-reliance and are prone to low self-esteem. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct psychological counseling for patients, guide them to treat themselves correctly and understand others. In addition, according to personal interests, you can participate in some recreational activities. Maintain a good mood and optimistic mental state, establish confidence in overcoming the disease, and help the disease to be transformed into health.


  3. Keep exercising


  Patients should do some appropriate activities according to their personal situation to improve their disease resistance. For example, playing Tai Chi and doing deep breathing exercises can enhance physical fitness, exercise physical and mental will, but do what you can and avoid overwork.


  4. Rational drug use


  Don’t abuse drugs, don’t take antibiotics for a long time, so as not to develop resistance or be infected by other germs.


  5. Living Care


  Breast cancer patients should pay attention to changing clothes with climate change, so as not to aggravate the disease. Keep the room clean and hygienic, free of smoke and dust. In winter, pay attention to the indoor temperature and humidity, open windows regularly to keep the air fresh.


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