How painful is cancer pain? If you want to relieve pain, you can use these 5 methods

Cancer pain is a kind of pain that many cancer patients will experience, and it is cancer-related pain. Many advanced cancer patients suffer from cancer pain all the time, which greatly affects the quality of life and has a psychological impact. It is difficult for people who have not experienced it to understand this kind of pain, which can really destroy a person’s will.

How painful is cancer pain? There is no uniform standard for cancer pain. It may be dull pain, distending pain, or colic. It may be a local pulling pain, it may be like a needle-like pain, or it may be a severe pain. Everyone knows that pain can be graded. The pain obtained by cutting oneself with a sharp knife is grade 6 pain, the pain obtained by pricking oneself with a needle is grade 7 pain, and the pain of childbirth is grade 8 pain.

Cancer pain can reach level 10 pain Chengdu, which can reach the highest level of pain. Cancer pain not only tortures the patient’s body, but also tortures the patient’s mental health, causing a series of negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, tension, and despair. Some cancer patients even give up treatment and hope of life because of cancer pain. How to solve the problem of cancer pain is the concern of every cancer patient.

How should cancer pain be relieved? 1. Use drugs to relieve pain

If patients really can’t bear cancer pain, the most commonly used method of pain relief is to take painkillers. But there is no way to take painkillers. Pay attention to the time and dosage of the medicine, and follow the doctor’s instructions. After taking the painkiller, you should observe the reaction after taking the medicine. Don’t take too much at the beginning, and take the medicine step by step.

2. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy

If the patient has bone cancer or other cancers but bone metastases later, the pain caused by this situation can be relieved by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are common methods of cancer treatment. Treatment can alleviate the disease and control the disease. From this point of view, it can also relieve cancer pain.

3. Use traditional Chinese medicine to relieve pain

If you feel abnormal pain, you can also use acupuncture or acupuncture to relieve the pain. Not every patient is suitable for this approach. There are relatively large individual differences in the way of pain relief in traditional Chinese medicine. You can try it to see if it works. If it does, continue to relieve pain in this way.

4. Massage for pain relief

Massaging the painful part can have a certain pain relief effect, but before deciding to massage, you should ask the doctor’s opinion. If the doctor gives an affirmative answer, you can give the patient a massage to relieve the patient’s pain. In addition, patients can also exercise appropriately to relieve pain through exercise. Whether this method can work or not is a matter for the beholder to see the wisdom of the benevolent. You can try it and see if it works.

5. Life conditioning

If a cancer patient feels pain, don’t focus on the pain, but learn to divert your attention and do something you are interested in. You can talk to your family, watch TV or watch movies, in short, don’t let yourself be idle, the pain will be magnified when you are idle.

Cancer pain can reach a pain level of 10, which shows that this is a very serious pain. If cancer patients feel special pain, they must find a way to relieve the pain and find a way to relieve the pain. If you keep letting it go, it is easy to collapse mentally, and it is not good for treatment.

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