How much money can a mobile game agent earn? What is the real income?

There are so many entrepreneurial projects in the entire market, which can stand the test of the market. Mobile game agency projects are one of them. According to relevant data reports: in 2022, the global game market revenue will exceed 200 billion US dollars, an increase of 13.7% over 2021. Games account for 76.06% of the total revenue of the game market. With the power of mobile games, the commercial system of the mobile game intermodal transportation system has played a role in the field of mobile game entrepreneurship, showing the real market value of the mobile game entrepreneurship field.

Mobile game agents make money through players’ consumption and top-up agents to obtain running water. Different game points are also different. Many newcomers who have just entered the industry are mostly ignorant of this industry and think that the higher the point, the better. Because of this, many Illegal platforms and fraudulent companies take advantage of private servers to make profits. The point is indeed high, but private servers are also illegal. Wuhan 100 million travel editor reminds everyone to be cautious.

The purpose of starting a mobile game agency business is to make money. In the face of the dazzling game operation platforms in the market, it is a good choice to choose a platform with large traffic and strong technical force to join mobile game agents. First, investigate the market and understand its Profit points, investment amount, looking for long-term cooperative mobile game publishers.

What is the real income of being a legendary mobile game agent?

Entrepreneurship is all about making money. Earlier, we talked about whether mobile game agents can make money. Next, let’s follow the Wuhan 100 million travel editor to calculate an account and talk about how much mobile game agents really earn? How much capital needs to be invested?

If it is just a basic ordinary mobile game agent, the initial investment of a personal agent is about 10,000 yuan, and there are many formal platforms for us to promote and operate, and we can also recruit offline agents, so the investment cost is not very high. Also suitable for small investments.

Being an agent channel of legendary mobile games is another way to make money. It is specially aimed at those who want to make money from mobile games. Even though most of them are players, their focus is completely different from that of players. Their purpose is to make money. Money, of course, is concerned with the points of mobile games, the permissions of the backstage, the policies of the manufacturer’s platform, and so on.

The real income of mobile game agents actually varies from person to person, and the selection of games and the methods of operation and promotion also have a certain relationship.