How much influence did the German weapons of World War II have on the subsequent development of weapons?

There is still a wave of Germany here. Although Germany is indeed not the top two military powers in World War II (the United States and the Soviet Union are), and Germany’s military technology is not necessarily the most comprehensive and advanced, but it is true that Germany has some killers. Weapons, asymmetric weapons and new concept weapons did have a huge impact on the later post-war military technology development.

The picture shows ME262.

What pioneering influence did Germany have on weapons development after World War II? The V2 missile ushered in the era of ballistic missiles and the era of surface-to-surface over-the-horizon precision strikes, the V1 missile ushered in the era of cruise missiles, and the ME262 ushered in the era of jet fighters, bringing human air combat into a new era. It created a jet and flying-wing layout bomber design, the STG-44 automatic rifle was taken away by the Soviet Union and the AK47 was created, and even Germany invented the earliest laser-guided bombs and anti-ship missiles.

Germany has also developed the earliest missile submarines, which launch missiles underwater. The submarine drags several buoys. The buoys are equipped with V2 missiles. The submarines can launch missiles while they are sailing, and suddenly strike enemies along the line. Although this idea is special, and it was not put into practice in the end, the German missile submarine idea also opened up the era of strategic missile submarines, allowing submarines to transform from a tactical weapon to a strategic weapon equipped with missiles.

It can be said that Germany has a huge influence on the military development of the post-war world. If nothing else, let’s talk about the V2 missile. During the war, the United States and the Soviet Union made plans to seize the V2 missile factory, technicians, and materials. The purpose is to snatch this cutting-edge weapon resource that changes the state of war. In the end, the technology of the V2 missile was adopted. The United States and the Soviet Union obtained it at the same time. Both countries have conducted test launches for many years. The United States even launched a V2 missile on the aircraft carrier USS Midway, which became the earliest test of ballistic missiles at sea. The first-generation strategic missiles of the United States and the Soviet Union were tested by Germany. The obvious impact of technology can be seen in the status of V2.

The ME262 fighter jet, which opened up the era of jet fighters, has already been put into actual combat in World War II. Its performance is very advanced. The maximum speed even exceeds Mach 1. The two Junkers JUMO003 engines are powerful. At that time, the power output of such an engine was It is 0.9 tons, and the aircraft is equipped with a large-caliber cannon. It once shot down 15 B17 bombers with 6 ME262s, completely smashing a strategic air attack and shaking the world. After the war, it was also seized by other countries for research. The development of modern jet fighters has had a far-reaching impact, and it has also directly brought human air combat into the jet age.

The above is just a part. In fact, including the German M1935 steel helmet, it has far-reaching influence on the world. His unique auricle protection shape led the trend of military helmet design after the war. The head defense area is getting bigger and bigger, I have to say , Germany was indeed an innovative war power in World War II. It is a pity that these technologies were not transformed into a driving force for human development in the end, but became a war machine on the battlefield. It has to be said that it is a pity.