How many people still remember the once-popular mobile phone breathing light?

ZTE has launched a new phone called ZTE Yuanhang 40 Pro+ .

From the configuration point of view, this machine is not outstanding.

Dimensity 810 processor with 8+256GB storage space.

The front 6.67-inch AMOLED low blue light screen supports only 60Hz refresh rate.

4510mAh capacity battery, supports 66W fast charge.

The rear 6400W main camera, with 200W depth of field + 500W macro two tactical lenses.

This specification sells for 2198 yuan, obviously not so fragrant.

But this new machine does have a catch: the breathing light .

The breathing light of ZTE Yuanhang 40 Pro+ is hidden in the main camera in the form of a light ring, 360° evenly without breakpoints.

The official said that it can achieve colorful display, which can not only provide exclusive colors for incoming calls, but also change the frequency and color of flashing according to the rhythm of music.

However, the function that changes with music needs to wait for the follow-up OTA, which is expected to be pushed in November.

Man, when I saw this thing, dead memories suddenly started attacking me.

Used to be a bonus item for mobile phone appearance

Although it is difficult to trace which company first put the breathing light into the mobile phone, but more than ten years ago, the breathing light was a proper value-added item.

The breathing lights that played the most 6 years must be the LG Lollipop series.

The top of the flip is equipped with an LED rainbow flash, which will give different lighting effects when you call or text.

That’s not enough, users can customize the style of the color of the flip-top breathing light.

In addition to the regular time style, there are also various cute LED patterns, I don’t know how many girls’ hearts have been harvested.

Backgammon’s bubble phone i508 is also a classic.

It is quite cute to simulate the bubble shape with four LED indicators on the flip cover.

Of course, the more cool lighting effects have to be counted on those various cottage machines.

In the middle of the night, I took out the song “Above the Moon” on the street, who would not be confused when I saw it?

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The rear touch screen machine has become the mainstream, and many manufacturers are continuing the LED breathing light.

Like Sony is one of the best.

Especially after the Sony Xperia Z2 started to use the bar indicator, the appearance is full of wood.

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There’s even a cool design with a transparent light strip like the Xperia SP.

Sony Xperia SP

Even now, Sony still stuffs an indicator light into some models.

Sony Xperia 5 IV

If you want to count the most classic domestic mobile phone, you have to count the Meizu “Small Dot Breathing Lamp”.

On the Meizu MX2, Meizu tried to replace the traditional “three diamond keys” with small dots, and added a circle of faint breathing lights to the dots.

Even though this “circle breathing lamp” was patented by Nubia, when it comes to this design, most people think of Meizu.

Later, Meizu also added the “breathing light” function to the Flyme 9.

Adding a circle of light effects around the hole in the screen is a tribute to the “small dot breathing light”.

In the era of full screen, it is gradually replaced by AOD

In recent years, the screen ratio of mobile phones has become higher and higher, and the body has become thinner and thinner.

It has become a difficult task to put fancy LED lights in a mobile phone that is expensive.

From a functional point of view, the function of the breathing light is to remind users of notifications, as well as decoration.

With the popularity of OLED screens, AOD (on-screen display) gradually replaces the status of breathing lights.

In the off-screen state, AOD can display enough content on the phone, allowing users to know the time, power, notifications and other information at a glance.

Users can also customize the AOD pattern in the settings, and the richness of the style is much stronger than that of LED lights.

ColorOS custom always-on display

Of course, there are still many people who miss the classic “lights and headlights will flash”.

And it’s not to say that there are no mobile phones that play with lights now (although there are indeed a lot less).

When the lifting lens became popular in the past two years, the breathing light was chosen to be played on the lifting structure.

There are also gaming phones that have no pursuit of thinness and lightness, and will also put dazzling RGB lighting effects on the back of the phone.

After all, coolness is the first point of game phone design.

Even in the past two years when hole-drilling screens have become mainstream, a few models that play with breathing lights have occasionally appeared.

For example, the ZTE Yuanhang 40 Pro+ mentioned at the beginning, put a circle of colorful lights in the main camera.

Last year’s OPPO Reno 7 Pro also played a hidden light bar in the image module.

It’s completely invisible in everyday use.

But when there are incoming phone calls and notifications, it flashes slowly like a star ring.

It’s just that this function disappeared with the appearance of the curved ladder design on the Reno 8 series.

There is also the Nothing Phone (1) some time ago, which also caused a lot of heated discussions by playing with lights.

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Although the breathing light is not a necessary item for choosing a machine, if you play it well, it can still attract a lot of face control chops.

After all, in today’s increasingly serious homogenization, it is necessary to add some careful thought to the design.

So, do you still love this gadget, the breathing lamp?

Let me know in the comments~