How is the TI11 final script? The four teams are ready to go, go to station B to fully support the only seedling Aster

Many friends like to pay attention to e-sports competitions at ordinary times. This year TI11 played very well and attracted the attention of many players. Now it has reached the final finals, and only four teams are left, namely Secret, Tundra and Liquid, as well as ours. The only seedling Aster, the promotion form is still very severe, but players are cheering for Aster, I believe the players will also play their true level.

I have to say that a lot of things happened at TI11 this time. The one that impressed me the most was the RNG team. They stumbled during the game and tested positive and were quarantined. Although physical factors were affected, it was still a wonderful match for the audience. Played a 107-minute match with Entity, which made everyone feel addicted. This is the spirit of e-sports that sticks to the end. Then Somnus announced his retirement, which caused a wave of enthusiasm. Everyone recalled Somnus’s career, and the picture made people cry eye. Then on the last day of the knockout round, LGD also stopped in the top six. Faith_bian, the champion player at the time, also retired. He has done his best on the field, and he bid farewell to this passionate field after eight years of fighting.

Every day’s games will bring you many unforgettable memories, and this is the charm of the e-economy. The next game will be even more exciting. The match between Secret and Tundra is the focus of the winner’s group. The style of the two teams There is still a big difference. Secret is an old-fashioned team. With its rich experience in competitions, it is good at operating and playing an advantage. This is also the reason why it has played steadily and reached the final of the winner’s group. And Tundra has emerged for the first time in TI11. It seems that they are all talented players. Who can go further between the two teams?

The domestic friends are most concerned about the second game, Aster vs. Liquid. Although the two teams have already met in the upper bracket, Aster was in good shape at the time and ended the game with his own lineup. This time will definitely be very different from the last time. After these few days of competition, everyone has figured out their opponents, so they need to work hard in the selection of the lineup. Fans will cheer for Aster, and many players have also made support videos at station B, which seems to be intentional. Station B has also done a lot of activities for this, including every time the tea team wins a game, Station B will draw a VR glasses in the live broadcast room and give it away.

Both games will be played on October 29th. You can watch the game at Station B when the time comes. The atmosphere will definitely be full at the critical moment. In addition, there will be an event called “Final Script Predictor” which will be launched soon. You can boldly predict the final. , to see if, as you said, the prediction is correct and there is a huge reward.