How hard is it to fight the steel-type Lord Lords in “Pokémon”? It’s hard to resist without fire!

There is no substantive villain organization in the storyline of the eight generations of “Sword/Shield”. The big Boss Lords the player encounters, the president, actually had a good intention, but it was just because of his wrong judgment, which caused the rampage of Wujitaina. This has led to a crisis in the Galar region. However, even so, President Lotz has become a high wall blocking the way for many players, especially since President Lotz is good at using steel-type Pokémon. Therefore, it is one of the more difficult bosses in the past. If there is no fire-type Pokémon on him, it will become very difficult, so let’s see what kind of Pokémon Loz uses.

PS: The ranking is in no order; this article may not have much rigor. If there is any error, please correct me.

NO.1 Knight snail

There is only one chance to fight against President Lords in the game, so this article will introduce all the Pokémon he has sent. First of all, the first one sent is the Knight Snail. In Bugsteel, the Knight Snail and the Giant Claw Mantis The same is the positioning of the output player, but compared with the giant pliers mantis, which has the first bullet punch, the knight snail is more suitable for a player who is output in space. After all, its speed is really slow. If it is used as a starting player, it is actually easy to be found. Chances are, the combo of President Lords’ Knight Snail is Straight Drill + Iron Head + Super Horn Strike + Sword Dance.

NO.2 Gear monster

The second Pokémon sent by President Lords is a gear monster. The awkward point of the gear monster battle is that it is a pure steel type, and the blind-filling methods that can be learned are very limited, so it is also dubbed by players as “the only one”. “Wheel”, but conversely, it also has a relatively unique strengthening method and the output method of this department. If it is strengthened by it, it will become very difficult. The same is true of President Luoz’s gear monster, and its matching move is a gear Frisbee. + Shift + Crazy Volt + Malicious pursuit, be careful not to be found by the opponent to strengthen the opportunity.

NO.3 Nut dumbbells

That’s right, President Lords will also send out the “notorious” grass steel in player battles – nut dumbbells, but with the above knight snails, there will be two quadruple weak fires in President Lords’ team. Therefore, it will be a lot easier to bring the fire element to fight President Luoz, otherwise the difficulty will increase a lot. Naturally, there is no need to say more about the grass steel. The classic station consumption is disgusting, and the consumption itself is good, and it also has interference skills , President Luoz’s grass-steel combo is gyro ball + powerful whip + curse + slap, which is also an enhanced gameplay.

NO.4 Meow Boss

The fourth one of President Luoz is the Meow Boss that appeared in “Sword/Shield”. The Meow Boss is a Pokémon with very interesting settings. Because it has the will of steel, it can be used in doubles. It’s a pity that the steel type is not a useful output attribute, otherwise this feature is actually quite incredible, because it is a single fight with President Luoz, so the leader of the leader of Luoz has the characteristic of hard claw, with The trick is iron head + harsh sound + shadow claw + hell thrust, which is a more classic one-interference three-output configuration.

NO.5 King Bronze Statue

As for the representative Pokémon of President Luoz, it is the bronze elephant of the king. Looking at it this way, there are three pure steel in the team of President Luoz, one grass steel and one insect steel, um, fire It’s not impossible to push the system directly. The King Bronze Elephant is a configuration with high HP and high attack, but the speed is still very low, so it needs space to cooperate. In terms of the first mover, President Luoz still does not have the upper hand. , his King Bronze Elephant can be super-giant, and the matching moves are heavy collision + iron head + 100,000 horsepower + idea hammer, classic four attacks.

Well, the above are the five steel types that Luoz will use that Xiao Er will introduce this time. The overall difficulty of Luoz mainly depends on whether the player has a fire type or a fighting type for restraint.