How hard is it to be a conductor and harm people without fighting skills? 90% of players can’t learn at all

In the past year, the most popular game in China is undoubtedly “Eternal Calamity” under 24 Studios. As a console game, “Eternal Calamity” has won players in the game circle when it was first launched last year. The game has received widespread attention, and it has sold more than 6 million copies in just three months of release, breaking the sales record of domestic buyout games.

Although there are only a dozen heroes in the game so far in “Eternal Calamity”, due to its novel game mechanism, it has already been played by players, and even various “hidden occupations” have been played by players When they came out, “Thor”, “Demon Slayer”, “Organizer”, they were more irritating than each other.

For example, the “Lord of Thunder”, which has exploded in the Yongjie circle recently, is highly respected by players, and is also called “Thor” by players. Why is there such a title? The reason is that there is a “Soul Jade” in “Eternal Calamity”, which has the effect of “calling lightning once every time you dodge”, which can cooperate with the player’s operation to produce incredible effects.

But don’t underestimate its use, not everyone can be called “Thunder God”, the use of “Thunder Attack” is basically not used by 90% of the eternal robbery players, it needs to be combined with dodge and other tricks to play The effect of the N cycle combo, a good “Lightning King” can cooperate with the flash

Electricity makes others “quit Internet addiction”, and one set can lead to death.

Sure enough, being a “conductor” in a chicken-eating game still requires deep skills, and in addition to “Lightning King”, there are also “hidden occupations” that are very popular, such as “Demon Slayer”. There is a great background, do you still remember Xiaoqing and Bai Suzhen’s “Legend of the Liyuan” series of skins made by “Eternal Calamity” at a cost of 200,000 some time ago?

After this series of skins came out, a bunch of fanatics who were keen on “slaying demons” appeared in “Eternal Calamity”. They chased and killed players who wore this skin every day. They really regarded themselves as Fahai. Of course, wearing Tianhai The “Fahai” skin has a more internal taste. I have to say that the pertinence is a bit stronger.

In addition, “organization division” is a more insidious profession. It turns out that in Jukuzhou, there is some old sixth who shoots poisonous mushroom Yinmen. Recently, after the more sinister map of the “organization system” of Huo Luo country was released , players are even more interested in using traps to hide people, what lures others to booby-trapped on a log, shoots ice sculptures to make players who are fighting dizzy, etc., so players have to complain: I really like this old sixth!

Among so many occupations in “Eternal Calamity”, which “hidden occupation” do you like the most?