How fragrant is the Lynk & Co 09 EM-P, which makes the new owners shout collectively and the old owners feel the backstab

At around 7:30 pm on October 23, the Lynk & Co 09EM-P Voyage Edition announced the price and owner’s rights. Including the cash part of the owner’s rights and interests, the official price is nearly 28,000 yuan lower than the pre-sale price, and the minimum starting price of the high-end model is less than 350,000 yuan.

Just as the price was announced, the WeChat group of Lynk & Co 09 EM-P prospective owners suddenly boiled over. This made the car owners who were determined to buy the 09 EM-P in the early stage or who were swinging between the 09 EM-P and the ideal L8 exploded instantly. For a time, the WeChat group was full of “buy, buy, buy” and “rush, rush, and rush”.

Not long after, a car owner posted a picture in the group POU, showing that the customer service of Lynk & Co APP was too busy.

To be honest, I haven’t seen this kind of scene in a long time, especially at a traditional car company. The last time I encountered such an “excited” scene was the NIO ET5, followed by the sudden launch of the Ideal L8. However, the ideal ONE owner group is full of green and refreshing greetings, everyone who understands it.

Interestingly, when the official price of the 09 EM-P PM version was announced, the group was in addition to “buy, buy, buy”, “rush, rush, rush”. Others slurred. Of course, the object is some competing products. That feeling, like an emotion that had been suppressed for a long time, was suddenly released.

This is really interesting phenomenon, and it is worth exploring.

The short board is not short, the long board is very long

This time, Lynk & Co 09 EM-P has launched a total of four models, the price range is 355,800-365,800 yuan, namely Yuanhang version AM and Yuanhang version PM. These two versions are divided into 6-seat and 7-seat versions. four versions.

On September 29, the Lynk & Co 09 EM-P released the pre-sale price and configuration. The biggest change is the adoption of the E Motive plug-in hybrid system developed based on the Raytheon hybrid and Volvo plug-in hybrid technology. This is a high-efficiency hybrid system. System, the official feed fuel consumption is 7.5L/100 kilometers. For an SUV with a dead weight of 2.3 tons, this fuel consumption score is quite good. This system has a maximum power of 382kW and a maximum torque of 844N m. It only takes 6.1 seconds to accelerate from zero to one hundred after feeding, and 5.9 seconds when fully charged. The media ran the zero to one hundred acceleration in 5.3 seconds in the actual measurement, which is very powerful.

In addition, the 09 EM-P is equipped with a 40.1kWh ternary lithium battery of CATL, with a pure battery life of 150km under the WLTP standard, supports 70kW DC fast charging, and also supports 6.4kW reverse discharge. The high-efficiency hybrid system is equipped with a large battery. The 09EM-P has a battery life of 1100km under the WLTP standard, and the same media measured it to exceed 1200km.

In terms of smart cockpit and smart driving, the 09 EM-P uses the 8155 car chip, which provides 12G memory + 128G storage. The interactive experience and voice system have been optimized and upgraded. The Meizu version of the car will be released early next year. As the most well-known mobile phone system in the Android world, Meizu’s optimized Lynk & Co car can look forward to it.

In terms of intelligent driving, Lynk 09 EM-P long-distance version is equipped with Lynk Co-Pilot Navi intelligent driving assistance system, which can realize 30 driving assistance black technologies such as comfortable driving. At the same time, the NOA high-level intelligent driving pilot assistance system equipped for the first time on the Lynk & Co 09 EM-P Voyage Edition provides functions such as intelligent highway assistance and intelligent lane change with levers. Although the decentralization of NOA functions will take time, the hardware has been pre-buried.

Simply put, 09 EM-P is more fuel-efficient than fuel vehicles, and smarter than most fuel vehicles in the usual sense; it has longer battery life than pure electric vehicles, and has no mileage anxiety; it has stronger performance than extended-program plug-in hybrids, and at the same time fuel More economical. In terms of actual driving modes or working conditions, the 09 EM-P takes into account the driving experience of pure electric vehicles, extended range and fuel direct drive.

In my opinion, the longboard of Lynk & Co 09 is very long. Compared with the new forces that have been making cars with blood, although the intelligent configuration is not so high, the configuration and practical configuration that users can actually use are basically complete. It can be said that the short board is not short, and the long board is very long.

But before the official price is announced, there are still some prospective car owners who are in a swinging state.

Two car building concepts

On the second day of the 09EM-P pre-sale, the Ideal L8 was officially launched. The external dimensions and wheelbase of the two cars are extremely close. The length, width, height and wheelbase of the L8 are just 2 cm larger than that of the 09. At the time, it seemed that the configuration of the 09EM-P was slightly less than the RPO ratio of the L8, which sold for about 360,000 yuan, but the pre-sale price was 18,000 yuan higher. In addition, the space for the second and third rows of the L8 looked at When it is larger, it gives people a feeling that the ideal L8 configuration is higher, the space is larger, and the price is cheaper.

It must be said that the brand-new product definition brought by the new car-making forces makes car products look more technological. The ideal L8 is like a mobile phone, excluding the central control screen, and the co-pilot also has a huge screen. If the price goes up to 400,000 to buy the MAX version, there is an additional foldable screen above the head of the second row. As a car owner said, it’s like you see a very beautiful girl at a glance, although you don’t know what’s inside, but you like her very much.

New car manufacturers are usually less concerned about short-term profits, they are more concerned about how to quickly expand the scale of sales, so the configuration will be more abundant than traditional car companies. The advantage is that users can really enjoy a good configuration. The risk is that you don’t know how long it can live. If one day a new car-making force suddenly breaks the flow of funds and dies, the risk of the car owner is not only in the follow-up maintenance. It also includes the huge depreciation of the product. For details, please refer to the former Dongfeng Yulon.

A Dongfeng Yulon dealer in Chongqing once said that the car owners who still drive Dongfeng Yulon are like orphans who are left alone, running around, unable to find spare parts and repair places. It is difficult for us to guarantee that the current new car-making forces will not become like this one day in the future, because a large number of new car-making forces have died.

Lynk & Co is more like the product of the combination of traditional car companies and technology companies. It sticks to the bottom line of traditional car companies and embraces new technologies, but it will not be so radical.

Wang Xu is a member of the group of prospective car owners. He has a BMW 5 Series GT at home and plans to buy a larger car. He has seen Highlander, Senna, Wenjie M7 and other cars successively, but he is not satisfied: “The rear seat space of Highlander and Senna is not very large, and although the Japanese models are more durable, the control of product quality is also very important. It is more refined, but it is too conservative in terms of technology and intelligence. The space in the back of the M7 is quite large, and I like Huawei very much, but the quality of the M7’s craftsmanship is really average.”

An intended car owner in Shanghai is from the photovoltaic industry and also belongs to the large-scale manufacturing industry. He had seen L8 and L9 and paid a deposit for an L9, but in the end it was 09EM-P.

“I like solid things. Lynk & Co talks about battery testing, internal testing, and standards. These are what dispel my scruples. Battery safety is my biggest concern. A certain brand does not mention it at all. The reason I didn’t choose it,” he said.

He even referred to the ideal co-pilot screen and second-row screen as “reverse configuration upgrades,” because in the event of a car accident, these face-facing screens would pose a greater safety hazard.

Although the price of the L8 PRO is much cheaper than the pre-sale price of the 09 EM-P, and the configuration is higher, the vast majority of small order owners still firmly buy the 09 EM-P. The reason is also very simple, that is, the safety bottom line of building a car. For example, the wheelbase of the two cars differs by only 2 cm. Why is the rear space of the ideal L8 significantly larger than that of the 09? In fact, you can find clues by comparing the position of the headrests of the third row seats.

The safety bottom line originating from traditional car companies and Volvo, Lynk & Co 09 adheres to both the visible and invisible places. For example, the third row seat backs are specially equipped with puncture-resistant steel plates, and the invisible materials are used and can be touched. Luxurious, odorless, etc.

Another difference is the attitude towards the old car owners. Since the first agent of Ideal ONE was launched, old car owners have come out to pull banners every year, and “backstab old car owners” has almost become a label of Ideal. Shortly after the launch of the Ideal L8, there was a sudden quarrel among the owners of the Ideal ONE. The reason is that the 2020 model old car owners laughed at the 2021 model car owners, saying that we were cut leeks, you gloat at the misfortune and feel that you have taken advantage, and today you are also being taken advantage of. Chopped leeks.

In order to take care of the feelings of old 09PHEV owners, Lynk & Co has launched a 15% repurchase policy within one year. This repurchase policy is significantly higher than the real transaction price of second-hand cars in the market. Calculated at the price of 349,900 yuan for the 7-seat HALO version, it is equivalent to the car owner paying 50,000 yuan for the car rental fee to open a 09PHEV for one year. But what is the rental price of a medium-to-large SUV priced at 350,000 yuan on the market? The guarantee is also 600 yuan/day. Even if the long-term rental is 50% off, it will be 10,000 yuan a month, and 120,000 yuan a year. So 15% off repurchase is really good.

In addition to the expansion of the deposit of 2,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan, and choosing different warranty plans, the lowest starting price of 09 EM-P can be 339,800 yuan and 349,800 yuan. This price is actually lower than the ideal L8 PRO, so the group of prospective car owners exploded at once.

And those foul language that you can’t help but burst out, in my opinion, when you make up your mind to give up the pursuit of a pretty girl and choose a virtuous and dignified one, you feel relieved mentally and emotionally.

The entry of new forces has accelerated the development of China’s new energy vehicles, making China’s new energy vehicles run at the forefront of the world. But at the same time, we must also see that the new forces upholding the Internet thinking have also put new energy vehicles on the road of transitional pursuit of “configuration”, while ignoring the quality and safety that automobiles should have as a means of transportation.

The emergence of Lynk & Co 09 EM-P has brought the gradually “impetuous” new energy vehicle market back to its essence, whether it is the global safety inherited from Volvo, or the E-Motive hybrid system that maximizes energy consumption, or The concept of vehicle intelligence learned from the new forces has allowed everyone to see what new energy vehicles should be like.

Perhaps, this is one of the important reasons why the Lynk & Co 09 EM-P can cause such a big market response after its launch.

AUTHOR son Chu Yifei

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