How do Iron Man and Werewolf play against each other? Xiaochaomeng’s detailed teaching operation is full, making Xiaodai cry

For most viewers who like to watch the high-end rankings of the national server, in the S10 season, with the help of an invincible hero, Xiao Chaomeng, who killed the Quartet at the top of the canyon, is definitely a lot of “League of Legends” players. In my mind, the strongest top laner king. Even star players like Doinb and Uzi will take the initiative to choose a lineup with him as the core when they encounter Xiaochaomeng, and take the initiative to help him establish an online advantage in the game.

Many lol players who like to play on the road especially like to use their free time to go to Xiaochaomeng to learn some more practical laning skills, as well as the outfit ideas that each hero should choose in different situations! It would be even better if his account could allow Xiao Chaomeng to play a few games. Therefore, when Xiaochaomeng got tired and started to play the fan account, it was the most headache time for all generations of national clothes.

Recently, Xiaochaomeng happened to be playing a fan account when he met a Xiaodai who used Xiaoyuren! In this game, I used Tie Nan’s Xiaochao Meng. From the very beginning, I told the audience about the details that should be paid attention to when Tie Nan and Werewolf are on the line. One of the most practical contents is that Werewolves can use Q+R to escape. Iron Man’s ultimate move, so everyone must pay attention to the release timing of his ultimate move when using Iron Man and Werewolf to laning.

When the two sides officially entered the laning phase, Xiao Chaomeng also specifically told everyone that when laning with the werewolf, try not to exchange blood with him frequently, because the passive skills of the werewolf can make it terrifying when it is below half blood. Health recovery ability. If you want to kill a werewolf alone, you need to control its health to more than half, and then use its skill gap to take it away with a set of hard damage, or wait for the jungler to gank yourself.

Afterwards, Xiao Chaomeng, who controlled the line of troops in front of his defense tower at the beginning, immediately seized the opportunity for the werewolf to surrender his fear at the moment of rising to level 5, and directly used a set of very precise combos and ignitions to win Blood of a werewolf. The jungler on Xiaochaomeng’s side saw that this iron man was obviously a thigh, and immediately after the werewolf was back online, he took the initiative to come to help him Gank a wave.

Unexpectedly, when the werewolf’s laning period was officially announced, the opposite mid-laner Xiao Yumen actually rushed to the top lane very spiritually, and successfully took the heads of Xiao Chaomeng and the jungler. When Xiao Chaomeng saw that this little fishman’s consciousness was so outstanding, he immediately realized that this was a small generation, and began to cheer up and take this game seriously.

However, when the game officially entered the teamfight period, Xiao Chaomeng, who has been actively helping his teammates to establish their advantages, is not only as fat as the little fishman who is stacked with murder books, but even his teammates are much stronger than the opposite. , When Xiao Chaomeng led his teammates in a wave of destruction with a stance like a god of war, the Xiaodai murlocs who had captured 13-0 data in the early stage actually took the initiative to surrender.

I have to say that the current Xiao Chaomeng is not only the most troublesome opponent of the passers-by kings of the major national clothes at the top of the canyon, but even many small generations of national clothes, when they encounter Xiao Chaomeng who are in their peak period, can only resign themselves to the disadvantage!