How did the outrageous saying “Who raises the father who cares” in lol became popular?

Seriously, if your opponent kills you three times, you still don’t have to protect yourself, and continue to play crispy and get killed by the opponent. Then why should I defend against your opponent to take care of the big daddy you raised? Because you are ugly, do you eat a lot? The first time your opponent killed you alone, you recall the operation of both sides. For details, think about how to restore the situation. I can understand.

Your opponent has killed you for the second time alone. If you don’t think about whether you have a problem with your thinking, if you don’t face yourself, there is a gap between the operation and the comparison. It’s already rotten.

Your opponent has killed you alone for the third time. At this time, there is still a large economic gap between you and him under the premise that their skills are not as good as others. At this time, what do you want to do without defense equipment? Do you want to be a teammate when you output damage? By the way, now the new hero Alchemy Baron can really let you be a teammate. But can your teammates win?

You yourself don’t want to limit the rate of economic growth of your father. Why do you ask your teammates to help you deal with this big daddy with huge economic advantages? You are ugly and you eat a lot?

If you are beaten, you must stand upright, and if you make a mistake, you must admit it. As long as you are playing your own rank, then you must be clear that it is not your turn to be the leader in every round. When your strength is weak, you should feel at ease to help your teammates. You are not UZI! Nor TheSay! Teammates will not unconditionally surround you. Even the big devil, Brother Li, will focus on his teammates when his state is declining.

The way to really sincerely ask teammates to help you manage your own matchup is to switch your build ideas to team tool builders. The effects of slowing down, reducing healing, and shielding are all prepared in a way, and this type of equipment will provide some HP or resistance, so you are not easy to die after you leave. When your teammates help you deal with Big Daddy, you can do something to help your teammates. It’s not that your teammates desperately beat the big dad you raised, you beat the head with one skill, and then you fight the big dad yourself, and he will send a bounty for a single kill.

When you can’t count on your teammates to deal with your matchup, all you have to do is to deal with the other people on the opposite side, and whoever is weaker you deal with. The opposite assistant is a girl? Accidentally placed alone? Fuck her! Call friends to intercept her! Let a certain position on the opposite side become a breakthrough just like you. If you can’t find a low-level horse on the order, buy more real eyes, bring a scanner, and enter the opposite jungle with your teammates to oppose the jungler on the opposite side. The rhythm of the disgusting opposing jungler is the easiest way to win in the current meta.

When you are in a weak position, don’t touch the wild monsters in your own jungle, except that the jungler will take the initiative to tell you which one to eat. Brushing your own jungle monster is equivalent to helping the opposing jungler reverse your jungle area. This will only create a second teammate who is about as broken as you. It doesn’t make the team go in the direction of victory.

This game is nominally a team game, but it requires strangers to match and set up a game, and it does not seem to be a team, because the strangers are in terms of their tacit understanding of cooperation, tolerance to teammates, or trust in teammates. All lower than a team of five.

A player’s team behavior in a matched match is based on the game’s conventional gameplay, trust in teammates, desire for victory, and his own moral requirements.

However, in recent years, the rotten style of the National League of Legends has prevailed, and some players have already taken the attitude of winning or not. What follows is that the trust and tolerance of teammates have almost disappeared, which can support a player’s motivation to play normally. Only their own moral requirements remain.

So, you think that the idea of ​​”who cares who raises the father” is outrageous and not a team. So before that, did your gameplay have a lot of teams? What were you thinking when you raised your father? Have you ever thought about how much trouble your father will bring to your teammates? Have you tried your best to avoid this outcome? Happened? If not, why should you ask your teammates to play team games with higher moral standards? Don’t you think that you are very selfish?

I’ve been through many of these parenting situations, and one of them was the most impressive. Around the time of s8, I and three real friends, Sihei, flexibly formed a platoon, and the last unit was a passerby. Not long after the rune was revised, I researched a set of Annie the Predator’s routine. The idea was to rely on the ability to run the map and push the line to create an advantage for my teammates. I won nine out of ten positioning matches, but it was not easy to win, almost For every top order, a father is raised, either a promise or a crocodile father. My Annie has a huge equipment advantage, and a set of skills can melt the opposite back row.

But on the opposite side, the single father can beat up four of our family one by one, and finally deal with me who has no skills. I had no choice but to throw the skills to the top single dad, deal with the dad first and then use the small skills to slowly fight the endgame. Fortunately, the opponent’s back row equipment is average, but this game is not allowed to play any normal development. After that, the script of each game was almost the same. We had four advantages, and the opposite side had a big advantage. I had the best equipment to deal with my father, and finally won the game with a narrow victory.

The reason why I was able to help Shanglu deal with my father at that time was that I brought three real friends, and all four of us wanted to win. If this were to happen again today in singles and doubles, I might as well have done it.

I sacrificed online development to roam to help my teammates create an advantage, but you are raising your father on the road. In the end, you have to let me deal with your raised father. If you don’t deal with it, you will not be a team. Why? What are you doing when I am on the team?

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