How did Li Xiang attack friends, users, media and bigwigs outside the circle?

There are a lot of people named Li Xiang, but there is only one person who can be searched for every other day—the founder, chairman and CEO of Ideal Motors.

He can frequently go on hot searches because he loves to hate people, and he is very good at it.

He loves people, users, the media, friends and businessmen, big bosses, and bad habits in the industry;

He is very arrogant, sometimes he is convincing with reason and reason, and sometimes it is disgusting when he speaks dirty. For example, “TMD! A bunch of stinky techs are chasing our BB every day. What kind of outdated technology is the extended-range electric motor? What kind of shit technology did they come up with from TMD?!”

He fought the false and exaggerated propaganda of the industry, and won applause for his righteousness, but he openly used various extreme words at the launch of his own products, ignoring the existence of advertising laws.

We sorted out his various famous scenes of scolding people, and found that he is complex and simple. He has a righteous heart, and is also exquisite and self-interested. Sometimes the pattern is large, and sometimes the pattern is small.

We believe that hatred is everyone’s right, so we don’t oppose him hating the air. However, Xiao ranyiqing, big rancor hurts the body. As a public figure, it is better to keep your demeanor and be cautious.


Krypton Krypton 009, hit a nail

On October 25th, Ji Krypton announced the official interior pictures and configuration information of Ji Krypton 009 on Weibo.

Some car media forwarded this information. After Li wanted to see it, he forwarded it on his personal Weibo and commented: “Picture 2, why does it feel like squatting in the trunk, the three rows of seats seem to be gone.”

After a lapse of more than 20 minutes, Yang Xueliang, who has always been active on Weibo, commented on Li Xiang: “Don’t talk nonsense, I didn’t squat in the trunk. This is the space in the second row to the last third row. You are welcome to compare and experience it yourself” and posted it. Spatial map of the third row.

Yang Xueliang’s reply was gentle and sharp. The back and forth between the two also attracted the attention of the melon eaters.

Interestingly, Yang Xueliang replied to a comment from a netizen. The netizen commented: “Mr. Yang, please don’t boast that you are the best car in a few million dollars, that’s too low, just be yourself.”

Yang Xueliang replied, “No, don’t worry.”

Regarding Li Xiang’s comment on the interior of Ji Krypton 009, some people think that as a public figure, he should not make such comments that may bring negative comments to others without verification.

Moreover, considering that Lixiang Auto will also launch its own MPV, Li Xiang’s suppression of friends this time also makes people suspect that he has bad intentions.

However, the interaction between the two did not end there.

On October 26, Li Xiang posted a short article on Weibo and @@yangxueliang.

Li Xiang believes that the data measurement and the discussion of the scene facts are purely from the professional point of view of the general arrangement. If the seat of the Extreme Krypton 009 is adjusted to the position of the example picture, he is sure that the third row cannot sit for adults.

“If you think what I said is wrong, you can adjust the second-row seats to this exact position, take a real shot of the second and third rows, or shoot a small video…”

However, Yang Xueliang did not give Li Xiang a real shot of the second and third rows, but only posted a Weibo saying, “The ideal market public relations partner called to explain the situation and expressed apology. President Li also deleted the Weibo, and the matter came to an end.”

At the same time, Yang Xueliang also deleted related interactive blog posts. This is the end of the matter.

Among them, there is an interesting episode. On October 26, Zhao Changjiang, general manager of BYD’s Denza Automobile Sales Division, also joined the group chat.

Zhao Changjiang posted on Weibo, saying, “It’s better to give it a try, the 123 rows of the Denza D9 are very comfortable, intelligent, safe and intimate, and the third row is comparable to the second row of luxury SUVs; welcome to compare and test drive experience. .”.

He also joked in the comment area of ​​this Weibo: “Because their content has been deleted, I will not @them two.”

It is worth mentioning that Li Xiang and Yang Xueliang have interacted on Weibo before. At the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, the chairman of Geely visited the booth of Ideal Auto. Yang Xueliang shared on Weibo a photo of Li Shufu giving a thumbs up for the ideal.

On the same day, Li Xiang also reposted and commented on this Weibo. “The sudden visit of Chairman Li Shufu is the happiest thing for me today.” “Enough for me to brag all my life.”


Ran from the home NV: why compare with L7

Netizen: Why should the ideal L9 be compared with Cullinan?

On October 8, a few hours before the launch of Ziyoujia’s first new car, Ziyoujia NV, the well-known digital blogger “Spring Roll” wrote in a blog post, “I personally think the exterior design of this car is good, and the interior design is good. There are also bright spots, and the overall configuration level is between the old ideal ONE and the new ideal L7.”

Soon after, Li Xiang commented under this blog post: “This is far inferior to L6, why should it be compared with L7”.

Then he added, “Comparing the GLC with the X5L is really unprofessional.”

This news attracted the attention of many netizens, and some people also commented that Li Xiang said, “At least they didn’t compare with Cullinan.”

Leaving aside Li Xiang’s comments, this operation still brought a wave of enthusiasm to the self-tourist family. There were also a lot of screenshots about this in the group of riders that day, and many media also mentioned this in the listing article of Ziyoujia NV.

According to news reports, Li Xiang has a good personal relationship with Li Yinan, the founder of Ziyoujia. When Li Yinan founded the Maverick Electric Vehicle, he met the bigwigs in the venture capital circle under the recommendation of Li Xiang, and Li Yinan entered the venture capital circle.


Rantuan Che Wenwei: Liars, shameless, refreshed the bottom line of entrepreneurs

In a media interview on January 14, Tuanche CEO Wen Wei said: “The biggest driving force for Tuanche to build a car comes from a foreign team of more than 100 people, who can undertake product planning, styling design, engineering development, testing, chassis, three electric , intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, systematic integration solutions, production support, supplier management and almost all car manufacturing processes.”

The group car team can make cars of more than 20 million yuan or less than 50,000 yuan; in addition to passenger cars, it can also be used as commercial vehicles and logistics vehicles; the technical route is pure electric, and also has experience in solar energy and hydrogen energy; car building The cycle can be 1.5-2 years, while domestic manufacturers are generally 3 years.

On January 16, Li Xiang saw the article and commented sharply, implying that Wen Weiwei was a liar, shameless, and refreshed the bottom line of entrepreneurs.

This is the original comment from Li Xiang:

Wen Wei responded: “Don’t treat yourself as a prophet, and don’t be the person you hate the most.”

Two days later, Wen Wei sent Li Xiang an invitation to attend the product launch.


Annoying Li Bin: Don’t easily define products that you haven’t even used

The same thing happened in January of this year. Li Bin said in a media interview: “My dream has always been to eliminate the screen in the car. On AR, I can use the computing power of the on-board controller (NIO ADAM, not 8155), this is our native design, data interface, software Do it together from the beginning (ET5/ET7 common).”

“The AR/VR experience is the best in a static state, and it is definitely not usable when driving, but the co-pilot can use it while driving. The standard sound with 7.1.4 is for the user’s car to have a better experience in the car. Effect.”

Soon after, Li Xiang posted on Weibo, saying, “Don’t easily define those products that you haven’t even used.”

“As a qualified product manager, before defining a product, make sure that you have the most basic theoretical knowledge of VR and enough experience. Be sure to think more about the basic life scenarios of users and ask yourself why.”


Reply to the Volkswagen CEO and slap the face with data

Li Xiang and Volkswagen CEO Feng Sihan are very interesting, and many people also commented that Li Xiang is a vengeful person.

The reason is that as early as September 2020, Feng Sihan, CEO of Volkswagen China, said in a media interview that extended-range electric vehicles are the worst solution, and fuel power generation is very unenvironmental.

The next day, Li Xiang said on Weibo that he would compare and test with the public, and use the most real numbers to see who is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly in reality.


Until December 22, 2021, Li Xiang published a graph of the sales data of Ideal ONE on Weibo, with the text “Thank you for your encouragement and continue to work hard.”

According to the content of the picture, the sales volume of Ideal ONE in November of that year not only surpassed all the medium and large SUV ID.6 CROZZ, ID.6X, Lanjing, Touareg, and Tourang under Volkswagen, but also exceeded the total sales of these models.

This incident attracted the attention of many netizens at the time. Some people thought that Li Xiang was too vengeful, too small, and the pattern was not big enough.


“Yin-Yang Weird” Weilai Assisted Driving

In August 2021, NIO was at the forefront of public opinion due to the ES8 assisted driving accident.

However, Li Xiang posted a message in the circle of friends calling on the media and industry organizations to unify the standard of Chinese nouns for autonomous driving. Users who do not understand L2 and L3 are suggested to unify the names: L2 is defined as assisted driving, L3 is defined as automatic assisted driving, L4 is defined as automatic driving, and L5 is defined as unmanned driving.

“Don’t have a single extra Chinese character to avoid misunderstandings caused by exaggerated publicity. For a long time, it is beneficial to users, industries and enterprises.”

In response to this remark, the former head of public relations of NIO publicly stated on Weibo, “The boss of a new force speaks most positively and rationally after other new forces encounter hot and negative issues. But after his own brand encounters hot and negative issues, either Be silent, or yell at me.”


Publicly scolded friends and businessmen: TMD, a group of stinky technologists!

This time, Li wants to dissipate not just one person, but a group, a group engaged in technology.

At the offline meeting of ideal ONE users in August 2020, Li Xiang said excitedly in his speech:

“TMD! A bunch of stinky technologists are chasing our BB every day. What kind of outdated technology is the extended-range electric motor? What kind of shit technology did they come up with from TMD?!”

“Let a group of people who have no user thinking and don’t care about users at all study the technical route every day, what kind of technical route is TM? Nonsense!”

Plus punctuation marks a total of 95 words, less than half a minute, 3 TMDs, berating those who engage in technology.

Many netizens think that how could Li Xiang say such a thing in a public place, in the place of children?

In subsequent media reports, there are also automotive engineers who pointed out that Li Xiang’s pattern is not enough and his style is not high. To elevate himself by belittling others, Li Xiang’s approach is too ugly.

Some people in the industry also pointed out, “As a CEO of a car company, you can say anything in private, but it is really inappropriate to speak foul language in a public speech.”

More netizens scolded: “On the ideal car user day, so many families bring their children here. Don’t you feel embarrassed that the export is dirty?”


Forward and sharply comment on “negative” articles about NIO

In 2018, the delivery of NIO ES8 just started, and Li Xiang is the founding shareholder of NIO.

At that time, the well-known automotive media “No. 38 American Performance Control” criticized the Weilai ES8 as worthless in a 40-character long article titled “Take you a comprehensive understanding of the real Weilai ES8”.

The No. 38 car review said, “The Weilai ES8 is a semi-finished car that is rare in the industry to catch a duck on the shelves. So far, I have never seen a car that dares to be listed at this level of completion.”

Li Xiang reposted the article on Weibo and commented, “The problems raised in it are very clear, those who can solve them survive, and those who can’t solve them are eliminated. Consumers will not be eliminated because they are electric vehicles and new enterprises. And if there is the slightest sympathy, consumers don’t owe new companies, and there is no bird use for feelings.”


“May you have mercury in your blood”

In July 2021, the ideal ONE seat mercury incident was exposed on Weibo.

Before the conclusion of the investigation, Li Xiang exclaimed on Weibo, “Those who spread rumors about us with mercury and the media, I wish you all the mercury flowing in your blood and your brains full of mercury!”

His remarks aroused the dissatisfaction of the car owners involved and many netizens. Afterwards, Li wanted to delete the Weibo.


The unhealthy trend of false propaganda in the industry

In March 2019, Li Xiang criticized the false cruising range of electric vehicles, and told the media to stop cooperating with them. If you do not have the most basic professional skills and identification skills, you will have no job in the future, and the good days will soon be over. It’s over.

“Seeing that many well-known car brands in China are still promoting their cruising range at a constant speed of 60 when promoting electric vehicles, and even sticking such false cruising mileage numbers directly on the butt of the car, it really feels like a great leap forward. All seniors and brothers in the auto industry, Tesla has already hit the door. According to the current exchange rate, the domestic Model 3 will definitely sell directly for 250,000-270,000 (the price before subsidies), let’s stop doing these shameful things. The propaganda method is self-inflicted.”

After Li Xiang’s appeal, Autohome led a group of electric vehicle media to declare that they would no longer spread the 60 km/h constant speed cruise, and this publicity method disappeared immediately.

Going forward, in November 2012, when Li Xiang was still the president of Autohome, he criticized the atmosphere of China’s auto media.

“Whether manufacturers or media, if they want to reach the world-class level, they should do it step by step, from the perspective of consumers, and from the perspective of users.” Instead of blindly catering to manufacturers, all reports should be made positive of.

He believes, “There are good and bad, but bad is bad. The media needs neutrality and credibility, which is the most difficult thing to achieve, and the bottom line that should be adhered to the most.”


The big guy outside the circle

In addition to the media, the big guys outside the circle are also not soft-spoken.

In April 2020, Ruixing Coffee’s financial fraud was exposed. Lu Zhengyao, chairman of Ruixing Coffee, said in the WeChat Moments, “I personally blame myself very much. No matter what the final investigation result of the independent committee is, I will bear my due responsibilities.”

Li Xiang made foul language on Weibo, calling Lu Zhengyao “Sha Bi. Fraudster.”

Earlier, Li Xiang angered Kai-fu Lee. As the founder of Innovation Works, Kai-Fu Lee said in a speech in 2018 that buying a car is the worst investment in a lifetime.

This sentence has attracted a lot of attention, and netizens have mixed praise and criticism. Li Xiang even made extreme remarks, “According to this crooked theory, the genitals should be the most useless organs.”

However, due to the extreme remarks, Li Xiang deleted the Weibo shortly after, and said, “There is no need to devalue the choice of a large group to grab the hot spot.”

In addition, in 2012, Li Xiang also scolded Tian Ning, the founder of Panshi, for having water in his head in a variety show. See this video for details:


Li Xiang also praised his friends

One thing is one thing, Li Xiang actually liked his friends, although not so many times.

On June 22 this year, the second day after the launch of the Ideal L9, Xiaopeng Motors CEO He Xiaopeng asked on Weibo, in the fiercely competitive, global market, non-fast-moving goods industry, and 2c non-protection field, which good product is it? Precise positioning, can gain advantages or barriers in the medium or long term?

In response, Li Xiang replied with a loving expression to him.

In July, Li Xiang returned to Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s smart car solution BU, to compare his heart. At that time, the Wenjie M7 was just launched, and Yu Chengdong posted on Weibo that “the extended range mode is the most suitable new energy vehicle mode at present.”

Earlier, Li Xiang also praised Weilai.

On April 29, 2020, NIO China received a strategic investment of 7 billion yuan from the Hefei Municipal Government. Li Xiang expressed his congratulations to Weilai CEO Li Bin on Weibo and expressed his hope to live with Weilai and Xiaopeng to the end.

“The auto market is big enough, but it is also very difficult. If hundreds of new car companies can only survive three in the end, Li Auto will definitely try to make itself one of them, and we hope that our comrades-in-arms are Weilai and Xiaopeng. “

(End of this article)

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