How can players who successfully registered last year continue to participate this year? 2022 Chengma Registration FAQ

At 10 am yesterday, the 2022 Chengdu Marathon officially opened for registration. The Organizing Committee has received a lot of inquiries from the runners on the issues related to this event. In order to facilitate the runners to understand the rules of the event more clearly, the Organizing Committee has sorted out a summary of frequently asked questions and answers about the registration of this year’s Chengdu Marathon.

Q: I successfully registered for the 2021 Chengdu Marathon last year. How can I continue to participate this year?

A: According to the regulations of the 2022 Chengdu Marathon. Runners who are still eligible to participate after the cancellation of the 2021 Chengdu Marathon can confirm their eligibility after registering and paying the fee this year; The organizing committee will randomly assign lots to the contestants who have registered and paid until the quota is full.

Reminder: It is recommended that you register for the competition according to the original project; if the registered project does not match the reserved project, it may be impossible to win the lottery due to the number of projects exceeding the quota. Please choose carefully according to your own situation.

Q: Last year, I got the sponsor’s free lottery signature, what should I do this year?

A: The organizing committee will provide all runners who successfully signed up last year (including sponsors’ free places) with the opportunity to pass through the lottery, but runners with sponsor’s free places are required to go to the official registration channel to complete the online registration process in person, and Complete the payment first. After the registration is closed, the Organizing Committee will compare the data. If it belongs to the list provided by the sponsor, the fee will be refunded. At the same time, the remaining places will be opened again to the sponsor to make up the list.

Q: I successfully signed up last year and retained my eligibility. Why does the sign-in page show that the lottery is pending?

A: After logging in to the registration system and completing the registration and payment, the page will be displayed as waiting for lottery. Players with direct pass qualifications can be exempted from lottery. If the contestant changes the project, they need to participate in the lottery again.

Q: My grades meet the pass-through standard, how can I be exempted from drawing lots?

A: The requirements for the direct results of the certified competition are as follows:

Popular players who meet the performance requirements

Eligible players need to fill in the registration information online and pay the fee. After being reviewed by the organizing committee, the registration is successful. The specific list will be announced on the official website of the Chengdu Marathon in mid-November.

Q: What is the minimum age to enroll? What about the maximum age?

A: According to the requirements for the participating age in the “2022 Chengdu Marathon Competition Regulations”:

Marathon: The age limit is over 20 years old (born before December 31, 2002) in the year of the race.

Half Marathon: Age limit: The age limit is over 16 years old (born before December 31, 2006).

Minors under the age of 18 must require their guardian or legal representative to sign the participation declaration. The actual age of the valid documents such as ID cards (passports, military IDs) of the contestants must meet the age requirements of the 2022 Chengdu Marathon Competition Regulations.

Q: Does the successful payment count as a successful registration? Can I get a refund after successful registration?

A: Successful payment does not mean successful registration. Eligible players need to fill in the information online and pay the fee. After the payment is successful, they will be eligible for the lottery. After the lottery, the specific list will be announced on the official website of the Chengdu Marathon in mid-November. The registration fee will not be refunded after the 2022 Chengdu Marathon runners have obtained the qualifications for the competition. Its direct quota is until 2023), and the quota is limited to my own participation, and no transfer is allowed.

Q: When will I know which zone I will start in?

A: The division plan of the 2022 Chengdu Marathon will be announced before the race. Please pay attention to the information on the official website and official WeChat. (Registration platform: Malama, you can log in to the official website to check your entry number and division information, or check the SMS notification).

Q: Can a friend pick up my bib on my behalf?

A: Competitors who have qualified for the competition, please go to the designated location of the organizing committee to collect the competition items according to the regulations. Refer to the 2022 Chengdu Marathon Registration Instructions and the relevant epidemic prevention requirements of the competition regulations. ), the exact time and place will be announced on the official website before the game. The items cannot be collected on the day of the competition, please arrange the time to collect the items reasonably.

Q: How can I consult the organizing committee about registration-related questions?

A: There are two ways to consult:

(1) Tel: 4000642195 (working hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-11:30 13:00-18:00)

(2) Inquiry email: [email protected]

I hope that the above questions and answers can answer the questions of the players. Players are also welcome to call the contact number 4000642195 for consultation. The customer service will answer your questions patiently as soon as possible.

The registration channel for the 2022 Chengdu Marathon will be officially closed at 12:00 noon tomorrow. Those who have not registered, please speed up. On November 20th, we are waiting for you at the starting point!

Red Star News reporter Jiang Shan

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