How can JDG (lose) surpass the popularity of the other three lpl teams?

It is impossible to lose, but the jdg team can’t do it, it doesn’t mean that others can’t do it. That’s right, it’s the boss of jdg, who is known as Blue Lotus. jdg was not popular before lpl, at least two-thirds of the rhythm was brought out by him.

As long as the boss re-enacts a wave of his previous operations, the popularity will go away immediately. That is to say, the two all-China classes and the defending champion have been sent. I have no honors for a little JDG, just a low-ranking horse. Is it normal to lose skt? What qualifications does the audience have? There are two B teams who are abused by skt as their sons every year, and we only lose once. What’s the shame.

When the audience started to frantically spray jdg because of this fire, they continued to add more money and posted on Weibo with emotion. Anyway, jdg killed the meat pigeon and helped lpl win a semi-final. Have a great team like jdg.

If that’s not enough, just post the factory, materials, and jkl on Weibo Aite, and directly rant that they once looked down on themselves and jdg. This year, jdg got the best result in lpl, and came directly to a wave of dragon king son-in-law-style slaps in the face. As soon as these tricks came out, the heat went straight to the sky.

The popularity of tes is absolutely unshakable, and it can also be ranked in the top three in history. After all, losing the Vietnam team is really not something that ordinary people can do, and the ninth place in the end can be regarded as a good ending for the show.

The popularity of edq should be second, on the one hand, the second is chased by the third. On the other hand, the last three games were really ugly. Coupled with the blessing of the Bible, this is the second most stable.

rng can only rank third, although hz pulled a lot of hatred. But on the one hand, rng has exposed problems since losing lgd, and then released some of them after losing a small game to Japan. Winning a game of Geng in the group stage (although that sentence Geng obviously despised that rnq chose a strange lineup) has exceeded expectations. As for being zero sealed by t1, no one thought he could win, and even if he could win a small game, he would die.

idg has now created the best team history in the top four, and t1 is the top 2 team in this world championship (so far). So even if idq loses, it won’t be too popular. If the 0-3 loss would be a bit more heated, it would be a shame to be the No. 1 seed in the division. But combined with the previous inferior horse remarks, I don’t think jdg will care.

Another way of losing is that a player sends a big advantage, and the personal rhythm may be more explosive. But this kind of thing can only be done if you lose your mind, or if you have internal strife. But I think if other players want to win, even if you scold him, he may have recognized it at the time. After all, idg has no team rhythm, so the probability is too small.

In short, it is almost impossible for idg to output new heights, surpassing rng and edg to become second at most, but tes is not something you can touch with idg in the aspect of program effects.

You have to know that JDG is coming to the World Championship for the second time.

And now JDG is already in the top four. So if I didn’t misunderstand what you said about the popularity, even if JDG was beaten 3-0 by T1, the Linglong Tower would not be more popular than the others. Because JDG has broken the team record and is creating a higher record. In any case, they are already halfway there.

TES, the second seed of LPL, the group with the least competitive pressure, the most promising team to qualify before the game, lost 3-3 to Vietnam in the top sixteen.

RNG, the fourth seed of the LPL, the MSI champion, once defeated the No. 1 seed GENG of the LCK in the group stage, and was finally crushed and won by the old enemy 3:0.

EDG, the third seed of the LPL, the defending champion, stumbled to the quarter-finals, leading 2:0 and even had a situation advantage in the third game, and then was let two chase three.

From the content of the game, it is impossible for JDG to surpass the above three, because these three have presented all the endings that can appear in the show, except for one situation and one score that was not presented, that is 3:1, but Losing the game with a score of 3:1, it is absolutely impossible for the program to surpass the above three.

The fundamental reason is that the JDG team itself is not very popular in the league, so as long as it loses the game, the traffic of the game content will not exceed these three. These three are really too heavyweight. They each used the three most unacceptable ways to withdraw from the stage of the World Championship, leaving only JDG alone, waiting alone.

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