How about the Su-35 fighter, why can it dominate the 3rd generation?

The Su-35 fighter jet is still very good. Why can it dominate the fourth-generation fighter jets of international standards? Because the Su-35 fighter jet has several unique skills: the first is super powerful maneuverability, the second is super range, and the third is anti-stealth ability beyond visual range. This has created the strongest fourth-generation fighter, known as the fourth-generation fighter.

The super maneuverability of the Su-35S fighter comes from the excellent genes of the Su-27 Flanker series fighters and the transformation of modern technology. The Su 35S uses a central lift body layout, the fusion of the wing body is very smooth, and the nose is tilted down, which can generate shock waves during supersonic flight, and can also make the entire aircraft form a wing surface, just like the leading edge of the wing. Therefore, after inheriting these advantages, the Su-35S fighter has further improved its maneuvering overload bearing capacity, reduced its own weight and achieved better flight performance through the use of composite materials in a wide range.

The Su-35S uses the 117S high-thrust three-dimensional vector engine with a thrust of 14.5 tons, which is only 1 ton less than the thrust of the F119 engine used by the American F22A fighter. Advantage. 117S is also the world’s first active 3D vector engine, which can help the aircraft to make complex maneuvers, such as falling leaves, J-bend, Cobra and other over-stall maneuvers, and also greatly reduces the aircraft’s circling radius and improves the climb. Rate.

The Su-35S uses the in-wing oil storage technology, which can be regarded as a huge fuel storage tank. On the basis of the Flanker fighter with a large combat radius, the range is further increased to nearly 3,000 kilometers. The combat radius is using In the case of high, low and high profile, it can reach 1,500 kilometers. After using aerial refueling, it can launch attacks on targets 2,000 kilometers away. It has large-scale theater maneuverability and strong depth combat capabilities. It belongs to a long-range fighter. Accompanying the bomber action.

The Su-35S Snow Leopard E radar has a long detection range, and can have a maximum detection distance of more than 300 kilometers against ordinary air targets. Thanks to the inherent beam focus scanning capability of its passive phased array radar, with the help of the huge Snow Leopard E Aperture and radar power, and improved detection. If in the search situation, the search distance can be more than 200 kilometers without focusing the beam, and the detection distance against stealth targets can be close to 100 kilometers. That is to say, the Su-35S is still able to deal with the fifth generation stealth fighter. It is not necessarily a disadvantage to achieve beyond-the-horizon detection and attack.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the Su-35S is a fourth ++ generation fighter with excellent performance.