How about spastic torticollis?

Spastic torticollis is one of the dystonic disorders, mainly due to the abnormal development of the neck muscles, caused by intermittent or continuous involuntary neck muscle contractions, generally occurring between the ages of 30 and 40 years. Because spastic torticollis is very complicated, the adjustment of sleeping position should be carried out according to different positions. For example, it is clinically divided into four positions: rotation, lateral, backward and forward. At this time, the patient must find the most comfortable position when sleeping, and at the same time maintain a happy and relaxed mind.

There are many reasons for spastic torticollis, mainly due to excessive contraction and spasm of neck muscles, abnormal neck posture and dystonia. Typically, this abnormality is caused by the neck muscles, which contract intermittently or continuously, causing tilt, deflection, twisting, and poor posture of the head and neck.