[Hot Release] Do you know these epidemic prevention knowledge?

Epidemic prevention and control starts from me

In the face of the sudden and severe epidemic prevention situation, each of us should master some basic epidemic prevention knowledge. Let’s get acquainted with these epidemic prevention tips below!

Protection guide one

Develop good hygiene habits

1. Cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief or tissue when sneezing or coughing. Don’t spit, and don’t throw away any toilet paper you’ve used for spitting or wiping your nose.

2. Wash your hands frequently and cut your nails frequently. Use soap or hand sanitizer and wash your hands under running water, not soiled towels. When washing your hands, pay attention to the seven-step handwashing method to ensure that you rinse well.

3. Do not share drinking glasses and utensils with others. Pay attention to clean tableware, use public chopsticks or divide meals.

4. Always keep the room clean and tidy, clean up garbage and corroded and deteriorated items in time, open the windows for ventilation at least 3 times a day, and each time is not less than 10 minutes. If there are patients with respiratory infectious diseases around, the frequency of ventilation should be increased. When opening windows, avoid drafts and keep warm.

5. Brush your teeth carefully every night (usually no less than 3 minutes), rinse your mouth with warm saline after brushing your teeth, and gargle with your head up to fully rinse the throat, and the effect is better.

Protection Guide II

Reasonably adjust the law of life

1. Strengthen outdoor activities and cold-resistant exercise.

2. Pay attention to environmental hygiene. During the epidemic, try to avoid crowded public places.

3. Maintain good sleep habits and ensure adequate sleep. Eat a reasonable and healthy diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, and have a balanced diet. Remember not to overeat.

Protection guide three

Take personal protective measures

1. Try to avoid contact with patients with symptoms of respiratory infectious diseases.

2. The temperature difference between seasons is large, and people with common colds will also appear. Masks should be strictly worn in crowded places.

3. If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, headache, and vomiting, you should seek medical attention in time. Patients with the above symptoms should wear masks to prevent infecting others.

In short, sanitation and epidemic prevention should:

Wash hands frequently, ventilate often,

Eat cooked food, drink boiled water,

Often sun quilts, less gatherings.

at last,

Strong protection, no panic,

Believe in science, do not spread rumors,

Together, we can prevent the epidemic.

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