Horoscope for April: 1984 and 1996 year of the Chinese zodiac rat are both “good and bad”, and the 72-year zodiac rat is resting and recuperating!

Recently, a friend whose zodiac sign was a rat happily chatted with me about his plans for the new month.

The author will pour cold water on her and tell her: try to wait as long as possible, and don’t choose to have big investments or big expectations in April!

The reason is because: after entering April, the zodiac rat (child) meets the Dragon Moon (Chen) semi-cohesion water bureau, and overdraws in Guishui.

By analogy, it is: rainy and rainy, extremely humid!

Although there is Binghuo shining, the vitality of Maomu is still there, and it is eager to try, but it only increases the “humid heat” and cannot promote the germination and growth of seeds.

Moreover: prosperity of water and deficiency of fire, this month is the manifestation of poor luck of fire and water.

In addition, excessive water can easily lead to excessive water and wood drift: stagnant wood is difficult to support firepower, and fire deficiency is difficult to vent wood energy.

Therefore, although I feel that there are many “noble people, help”, it is difficult to use and reliable in April.

Although I feel that everything is hopeful and within easy reach; in April, it may be nothing at all!

Therefore: if you invest less, you can avoid losses; if you have less high expectations, you can feel less disappointed!

So, in April, what aspects of the zodiac rats of different birth years need to pay attention to, and what different opportunities can they grasp?

In this article, let’s talk about this topic in detail!

Born in the year of Jiazi (1984) The five elements belong to gold in the sea, the rat on the house, and April in the year of the rabbit: analysis of wealth, career, and emotional luck!

At the end of March, the 1984 zodiac rat is prone to have a “sense of crisis”: Maybe my current job and career are not bad, but I am always uneasy; maybe my relationship is relatively stable, but I always worry about it. In terms of interpersonal relationships, you will also be very afraid of others talking about yourself, or commenting on yourself, and questioning yourself!

This is actually because: April is coming soon, although “Chenmao” is overdrawn by Jiamu, it will not be “rooted but not branched” like the zodiac rat in other years-you can see it, but you can’t get it; if you want it, you can’t do it!

However, due to “weak roots, strong branches”, there will still be signs of lack of self-confidence and lack of security.

Then correspondingly, when I am free, I will directly think of a question: How long can I maintain the momentum of my current “work and career”; whether I can grasp my emotional relationship!

And this feeling will become stronger as time enters April.

Therefore, after the 1984 zodiac rat enters April, it will frequently feel that it is easy to be dazed; it is easy to feel lonely, and it is easy to feel wronged and hard.

And because the “Zichen” is in water this month, hitting the “root” will make it easier for the 84-year-old zodiac rat to become more stressed, afraid of losing, and there will be a strong sense of instability in “life, work, and career”.

Correspondingly: the character will become sensitive and suspicious; in terms of doing things, the concentration will be insufficient;

In terms of body, under this fortune feature, it is also easy to feel top-heavy, or weak waist and knees, or injured legs!

Therefore: after entering April, if you are a zodiac rat in 1984, you obviously feel that you like to talk about the past, and start to feel uneasy about everything now, like to complain, and like to shirk responsibility.

You have to understand a problem: these will make you more anxious in April, and will affect your “work, career, and character advantages” and form obstacles.

Then the best solution is to let the “Jiamu” subside and combine with “Maochen” to strengthen the “spirit” and improve one’s decisiveness and determination;

So how to do it?

Jiamu sinks into “Yin”: it represents the sense of responsibility, sense of responsibility, city!

This also tells the zodiac rat in 1984 that after entering April, you must make yourself more responsible, and when facing some problems, don’t shirk or make excuses for yourself, but actively take responsibility.

In terms of work and career, try your best to take the lead instead of running away!

Because the year of “Guimao”, for the zodiac rat in 1984, it is a year that needs to strengthen “courage” and improve one’s sense of responsibility.

Under the impetus of this fortune, if you follow the trend, you will be more brave, and you will be able to ride the wind!

When you are willing to take on some things and get rid of the laziness and cowardice in your heart, you can obviously feel that everything is going smoothly and you will become more and more comfortable!

And the friends, family, and partner around you will gradually do what you want, centering on you!

Therefore, if you are a zodiac rat in 1984, don’t continue to dodge and struggle in April; let yourself run in the morning, and actively work hard to do better in your work and career!

Don’t be clever, don’t think that others should do something for you!

This is what the zodiac rat in 1984 should do most in April!

Born in the year of Bingzi (1996), the five elements belong to the stream, the rat in the field, and April in the year of the rabbit: analysis of wealth, career, and emotional luck!

For the zodiac rat in 1996, the “smoothness” of fortune in April will improve.

This is because “wetness requires dryness”: Shuangbing’s fire and heat are powerful, and the combination of “Zichen and Zichen” is the influence of the fortune of both water and fire.

Moreover: Maomu is cultivated with Chen soil, Binghuo and Yang are warm, Guishui is moist, and it is also a sign of vitality!

Therefore: in April, the 1996 zodiac rat will usher in many good opportunities in terms of “work and career”, and there will also be a good improvement in wealth luck.

At the same time: In terms of emotional fortune, it will also benefit interpersonal relationships and the achievement of love.

Especially if the 96-year zodiac rat who is not married yet chooses to confess or pursue this month, he will basically succeed!

Therefore, April is a very good month for the zodiac rat in 1996.

But there are also problems that need attention.

Because the “water and fire” fortune is relayed by “wood qi”; in April, the qi of “Maomu” is weak and the “water and fire” are strong.

It is easy to cause insufficient “wood energy” and affect the smoothness of fortune!

Physically, the zodiac rat in 1996 will easily feel “dizziness, dry eyes, and pale complexion”, and when sleeping at night, it is especially prone to nightmares and insomnia.

In terms of “work and career”, it is clear that the opportunity has come, but because of my “cowardice” or because of my emotional instability, it affects my interpersonal relationship, causing people who should help me to become stumbling blocks.

Or because there are too many trivial matters, I don’t want to get entangled, or because I need to compete with others, I think too much, so it is easy for me to quit and miss a good opportunity!

Even being kidnapped by others’ morality, giving up your own good opportunities to help others!

Correspondingly: In terms of “feelings and fortune”, the same reason will lead to the same result!

Then, for the zodiac rat in 1996, in April, the most important thing to do is: run in the morning!

Because “Ugi” qi deficiency is the incentive, and running in the morning at Maoshi (5-7 o’clock) is the best way to improve the power of Ugi!

Persist for two or three days, and the zodiac rat in 1996 will obviously feel that his mentality is stable and he will have more courage to face everything.

Especially when rejecting unreasonable requests from others, you will be more confident!

Secondly, you should improve your “competition awareness and courage”: don’t feel that you can’t do something before you have done it!

Driven by good luck, everything I do will go smoothly: but the deficiency of “Ugi” will make me not want to try!

Then, the difference between being successful once you do it and not daring to do it when you think about it is the size of “courage”!

Once you have the courage to try, you will be able to seize more opportunities and increase your income and gains!

Born in the Year of Renzi (1972) The five elements belong to mulberry pine wood, the rat on the mountain, April in the Year of the Rabbit: analysis of wealth, career, and emotional luck!

From February to April, the basic fortune of the zodiac rat in 72 years is above “Shuimu Tsinghua”.

Therefore: it can be regarded as smooth sailing, relatively smooth!

After entering April, due to “flourishing water and weak fire”, it means that the fire and water are not in good luck.

Therefore: if you are a zodiac rat in 72 years, no matter how smooth the first two months are, you must pay more attention after entering April!

Because: in April, your previous “smooth wind” may encounter various problems, which may lead to losses!

Then, correspondingly: in terms of “work and career”, being conservative in April is the best choice!

In terms of wealth, it is better to recycle as much as possible and reduce investment!

Moreover, in this month, “Maogi” is floating, and the Binghuo is weak, and the dampness is heavy.

It will also cause the 72-year-old zodiac rat to have a poor appetite and restlessness; it is easy to care about mentality and resentment!

So: try to let yourself shift your main energy from “work, career, wealth luck” to “sports, exercise, rest, entertainment” in April!

Because: Since you understand that “the harder you work, the easier it is to lose nothing”; then it is better to relax, make everything you have more stable, and make your mood more pleasant.

It is a kind of “sharpening a knife without cutting firewood by mistake”.

In 2023, the 72-year zodiac rat, basically the fortune is on the rise throughout the year, and there is no rush for a month!

In addition: everything needs to “rest and adjust”, so, under the premise of short-term poor fortune, make a “relax” choice, which is the best fortune grasp!

The above is the author’s comprehensive analysis of the fortunes of the zodiac rat and rabbit in April of different birth years!

At the end of the article, I also wish all readers and friends whose zodiac sign is the rat, April in the Year of the Rabbit: There is a road to every mountain, and a bridge to the water; bring wealth to your home, and bring blessings to your door!

The fortune of the zodiac is mainly for entertainment; please everyone: read easily and laugh it off!