Hope became a breakthrough, T1 beat JDG to advance to the finals, and the official blog’s response received thousands of praises

On October 30th, JDG and Faker’s T1 in LPL jerseys took to the stage to stage the first BO5 semi-final of the S12 League of Legends global finals. As the “LPL only seedling”, can JDG defeat the powerful The LCK veteran giant T1, the first time in team history to advance to the final? The answer has been revealed.

Entering this S12 focus battle, in the first two rounds of BO5, JDG and T1 were indistinguishable. First, Yagao Iwaya controlled the rhythm and led the team to defeat T1 through the late team battle; then Zeus Yone opened the situation on the wing and passed the single belt. The split push successfully pulled the JDG formation, Zeus led T1 to tie the game with the attitude of MVP, and the two teams returned to the same starting line.

In the crucial third game, 369, who was sitting on the top road of JDG, used the crocodile to kill Captain Zeus and Faker Ryze in a row. He won the level and equipment in the first half, but the disadvantage of the bot lane was too great. Hope brother Hope Felios was killed in a row. Under the protection of Keria Nami, the equipped little Lu Bu Gumayusi Lucian took over the game and helped T1 double-kill JDG to get the match point. .

In the first match point of T1, JDG released a big move, Hope Jhin and Missing Karma who were in a downturn went down the road, T1 responded with Varus and Renata, while Yagao Silas, Kanavi Belvis Forming the JDG Nakano, the opponents are Faker Azir and Oner Ruin King, and then look at the road, 369 pig sisters and Zeus wine barrels face off.

Objectively speaking, the performance of the JDG coaching staff in the BP stage is better. Not only does the lower lane have the right, but also the upper, middle and jungle have the ability to force a group. As long as the laning period is smoothly passed and the tactics are arranged around the canyon pioneer in advance, JDG can be in the game. In the early and middle stages of the game, they took the lead; on the other hand, in T1, Faker Azir and Gumayusi Verus, who formed the middle and lower dual cores, have a long development cycle, and the fault tolerance rate of the bottom duo is insufficient. The game between the two teams in the lower half is doomed. fierce.

The game started, and JDG, who was in a sluggish state, hoped that his brother Hope would become a breakthrough again. Gumayusi and Keria not only completed the “line kill” in the laning phase, but also assisted Oner to control the first two dragons steadily, and took the lead in level and equipment.

In the 16 minutes of the game, the two teams broke out in a team battle around the canyon pioneer. Keria Renata made a perfect big move, cooperated with Gumayusi Verus to play full output, Faker Azir decisively entered the field to keep people, and led the team to play a wave of 0. For 4, Canyon Pioneer was captured by T1. After the third dragon was refreshed, the two teams broke out in a teamfight again. Hope, who was in the front, was taken a second. T1 easily defeated JDG, and took advantage of the trend to capture the third dragon in the team, only one step away from the water dragon soul.

Next, T1 broke into the JDG wild area in a group, once again destroying the opponent, and pushed to the JDG highland without pressure, and the latter fell into a desperate situation. The decisive team battle was staged in 23 minutes. With the big dragon Buff and the water dragon soul, T1 assembled five people to attack the crystal of the JDG base, ending the game in one wave. So far, T1 beat JDG to advance to the final, and the Korean LCK League contracted the champion and runner-up.

After the game, T1’s official blog’s response received more than 10,000 likes: After five years! We’re back. On the other side, T1 little Lu Bu Gumayusi joked: GEN stole the T1 trophy in the LCK Summer Finals, so I hope DRX will defeat GEN and join us in the final.

What the T1 official blog said was true. The last time the team reached the finals of the World Championships was back in the S7 season. After a full five years, captain Faker once again led the team to the finals. Just one step away.

After replaying the whole game, T1’s overall strength surpassed JDG. Although 369 single-handedly killed opponents, the midfield support efficiency declined, and the bot duo were frequently killed during the laning period, falling into a disadvantage and losing. , Facts have proved that LCK has risen, LPL stopped here, and failed to defend the title.